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Next Generation Application Performance Monitoring

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Date: 16/July/2020
Time: 7:00 am EST | 12:00 PM BST | 4:30 PM IST
Duration: 45 minutes

Optimizing application performance takes time. So, application performance should not be an afterthought as it can be pricey to resolve later. The key is to be proactive.

But how do you monitor application performance? How do you know if the application is performing as intended at the user or at the server level? How do you assess if transactions are failing or slowing you down? Can your applications scale with the load?

Application Performance Monitoring can do it all. Arcturus technologies ‘Applicare’ is such a tool that can tune applications intelligently, measures application performance, auto analyze and auto tune application environments.

Get insights on:

  • How your applications can meet performance standards with minimal efforts?
  • How to ensure User Experience?
  • How to ensure high availability and scalability?

Our Speaker

Deepak Batra
Founder, Chairman & CEO of Arcturus Technologies

With 15 years experience in the IT industry, Mr. Batra has gathered a wide range of experience. Prior to co-founding Arcturus, Mr. Batra worked as an Architect with BEA Systems, Inc. In this capacity he led and managed various strategic initiatives at Fortune 500 companies and helped them craft enterprise solutions leveraging state of the art technologies. Prior to BEA, Mr. Batra provided independent IT Advisory services to various fortune 500 companies for many years.