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Testhouse and Firebrand Training launch Microsoft Software Tester Apprenticeship

Testhouse and Firebrand Training launch Microsoft Software Tester Apprenticeship

14th Mar, 2017

As software grows in complexity and with it the need to ensure quality of these complicated products, the demand for top-quality software testing services and hence for skilled software testers has been tremendously rising in recent years. But businesses across the UK are failing to get the testing and DevOps skills they need because of a lack of qualified professionals. In response to this demand, Testhouse, a Microsoft Gold ALM/DevOps Partner, and Firebrand Training, leaders in accelerated learning, have launched the Microsoft Software Tester Apprenticeship designed to bring new software testers and DevOps specialists into IT. The launch of this programme aligns with Microsoft’s National Empowerment activity, which sees over 4,500 young people start a Microsoft-backed apprenticeship across over 2,500 Microsoft Partners and customers this year. This apprenticeship will also be delivered in time for the imminent arrival of the Apprenticeship Levy.

Students on this programme will develop into software testing and DevOps professionals. If you are interested in developing your career as a software tester or a DevOps professional, or if you want your organisation to boast the skills of the best in the field, trained by the bellweather of the industry, this programme is definitely for you! Students will train as an apprentice for two years, at the end of which they will emerge as fully-fledged software testing professionals.

Microsoft software testing training and apprenticeship programme

What Apprentices will learn:

  • The principles of software testing and associated software development and lifecycles
  • To design, execute, document, report tests on business applications and services
  • To relate these testing process to the software development lifecycle
  • To use and deploy Visual Studio 2015 platform’s software testing tools

The programme is built around the National Apprenticeship Standard for Software Testers and is designed to align directly with job role demands of employers, hence this is an employment programme as well.

Get Microsoft Software Testing skills in your organisation

The rapid increase in popularity for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 has led to a lack of knowledge in the solution’s software testing tools. To meet this demand, apprentices will receive considerable training on this industry-standard platform. This program is also fully customisable, so you can tailor it to suit you as an employer. And apprenticeships are not only for new staff. Savvy organisations can put existing employees on this Microsoft Software Tester Apprenticeship, boosting their testing skills with government-funded training.

And this is not all. The apprenticeship programme also includes a surprise gift package of government-funded software testing training worth a massive £18,000! This package includes much of Microsoft’s offerings including:

The program is designed by Testhouse Ltd. and Firebrand Training, both Microsoft Gold partners. This is your unique opportunity to get trained on Microsoft products by Microsoft Gold partners! Give your organisation the power of Microsoft-trained software testing skills!

“We are very proud to work with both Firebrand and Microsoft to provide much needed skills in the marketplace and offer businesses affordable testing solutions.” – Jim Cowdery, Head of Business Development, Testhouse.

“We can’t wait to get new software testers and DevOps specialists into the industry to fill the digital skills gap and contribute to Microsoft’s target of 30,000 new apprenticeships by 2020. Firebrand are already receiving interest from employers for this new apprenticeship. We’re excited to have our first Azure apprentices starting soon.” – Stefano Capaldo, Managing Director, Firebrand.

Who is Firebrand Training?

Firebrand Training is the fastest way to learn. Firebrand’s apprentices train at twice the speed, getting industry-recognised certifications at an all-inclusive residential training centre. For more information on Firebrand’s unique accelerated learning take a look at the video below:

Since launching in 2001, Firebrand has trained more than 62,000 students and saved a total of 1 million hours. Firebrand Training is also a Microsoft Gold Training Partner and has provided accelerated apprenticeships since 2012.

Contact Us now for more information on the new Microsoft Software Tester Apprenticeship, including how to access £10,000s of government-funded accelerated training. Or learn more about the Apprenticeship Levy with this this guide.

Download our easy-to-read flyer for the Apprenticeship program below.

Promotional flyer (brochure) for the Microsoft Software Tester apprenticeship program hosted by Testhouse and Firebrand