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How Testing Can Help to Overcome Dynamics 365 Implementation Challenges

How Testing Can Help to Overcome Dynamics 365 Implementation Challenges

02nd Aug, 2017

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is a suite of business process applications transforming the way organisations do business. Dynamics 365 combines CRM, ERP and office applications leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud solutions. It brings together people, data, and processes across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing, and project management functions, making business and decision-making processes faster, seamless, more efficient and effective. However, implementing Dynamics 365 can see a number of challenges arising, some of which are:


  • Configuration: Every organisation has their own unique business and process needs. Dynamics’ features have to be configured differently on a case-to-case basis to match these specific needs.
  • Customization: When an organisation’s required changes cannot be achieved through configuration changes, then the Dynamics implementation will have to be customised using APIs and bespoke code.
  • System application changes: Configuring organisations’ IT systems to enable Dynamics 365 installation and functionality is a major technical implementation challenge.
  • Integration: Integrating Dynamics to work with tools, apps and services like Outlook, Sharepoint, other ERPs and so on already being used within the organisation is another challenge.
  • Migration: Perhaps the most important, sensitive and complex challenge that organisations face while implementing Dynamics is migrating their data intact from existing legacy solutions like Salesforce, Siebel and SAP to their new Dynamics installation.
  • Managing Updates: Microsoft frequently releases Dynamics 365 updates which may impact implementations with Configuration Changes, Customization and integration. Testing implementations for changes to be compatible each time an upgrade happens can be an onerous task.
  • Lack of support for Soap API: Microsoft has stopped supporting Soap API and has replaced this with WebAPI. This means any integration using SoapAPI will have to be rewritten for WebAPI. This is a big undertaking for users with heavy integration.


These challenges can seem innocuous but they can pose serious risks to organisations implementing Dynamics 365, to mitigate which testing Dynamics 365 CRM implementations becomes important. As a certified Microsoft Dynamics partner, Testhouse has devised several solutions to test and optimise Dynamics implementations in the most cost-effective way. These include Dynamics 365 performance and functional testing, both manual and automatic, migration and integration assistance, configuration management, and version control. Testhouse has a repository of 5000+ test cases covering multiple test migrations and integrations, making it possible for us to test every implementation scenario imaginable.


How Testing Dynamics 365 Implementations can Benefit Dynamics 365 Customers

  • Independent Verification: Dynamics 365, like any other Microsoft product, adheres to all security, privacy, compliance and transparency parameters and guidelines as per industry and regulatory standards, verifiable by independent third parties like Testhouse.
  • Optimum Coverage: Dynamics 365 can be customised to suit any process as per individual company requirements to provide the best coverage for all business processes. Testhouse with its myriad experience can implement and test Dynamics under any given conditions.
  • Faster Testing Cycles: Continuous and faster testing and delivery lie at the heart of Testhouse’s Dynamics 365 testing philosophy. By applying continuous delivery and agile principles to Dynamics 365 implementation testing, finding and fixing implementation defects becomes faster and a lot more efficient.
  • Significant Cost Reduction: Dynamics 365 presents data as actionable, intelligence format accessible universally, enabling teams and speeding up decision-making processes and saving costs and overheads. By testing any possible implementation scenario, Testhouse can help you implement Dynamics at the most optimal cost.
  • Improved Change Management: Dynamics 365 has an intuitive design and features heavy integration possibilities with many existing tools. Hence, personnel find it easy to faster adopt Dynamics 365, made even smoother by Testhouse’s post-testing training program.
  • Regular Updates: A single implementation of Dynamics 365 comes with assured regular updates from Microsoft on a periodic basis. Testhouse will ensure your implementation remains up-to-date with the latest from Microsoft.


Dynamics 365 is a highly versatile and powerful tool that can help organisations radically transform their business processes. However, the method of its implementation is critical to derive the most benefits out of it. Testhouse is a Microsoft DevOps and Dynamics partner with a core focus and renowned expertise on testing for Dynamics 365 and DevOps. We are invested heavily into developing DevOps4Dynamics to ensure you as a customer can easily overcome implementation challenges and improve the quality, helping you reap optimum and full benefits of Dynamics 365, increasing your business ROI from your Dynamics 365 investment within your budget.


To know how we can support your organisation’s Dynamics implementation by ensuring your move to cloud CRM is stress-free and your investment protected, Contact us today!


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