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Automation Testing with Dynamics 365 CRM Using Selenium

Automation Testing with Dynamics 365 CRM Using Selenium

14th Jul, 2020

Testhouse hosted a live webinar on the 22nd February 2017 on Automation Testing of Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Testhouse’s in-house developed Selenium and C# framework. We presented how Dynamics CRM testing can be automated using Selenium framework easily and cost-effectively for any environment.


We’ve also showcased a demo of the framework using a real-life example of how certain functions of Dynamics CRM can be automated and tested.


Why Should Dynamics CRM functions be automated?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a very robust and customisable system. It is usual for individual users to customise it to suit their needs, functions and usage sometimes at the code level. Microsoft releases new updates every six months with code fixes, functional and performance upgrades, and sometimes it is possible that these upgrades can break those customisations. In addition, applying new customisations can possibly break older ones as well.


Hence, it becomes imperative that the existing system does not break while applying new upgrades or customisations, which would severely affect business continuity; leading to revenue and reputation loss, including employee confidence and morale.


This is where testhouse can help, with our in-house Selenium Framework solution.


Testhouse’s Selenium Framework


Testhouse has developed its own in-house framework as a test and automation tool for Dynamics 365 using Selenium and C#. The framework can easily test any number of custom business processes and workflows. The framework is highly customisable as per individual needs and its reusable controls can be configured for any environment or deployment structure, be it in the cloud or on premise.


The Webinar


View the recording of the entire webinar below, as delivered by Testhouse’s in-house experts.


The Selenium Example Live Demonstration


This video shows a live demonstration of an example of Dynamics CRM automation. A campaign is created and a lead is generated. From inside the campaign, the lead is then led to opportunity, win and close.