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Testhouse is Australia’s number one digital transformation partner.

Our holistic, end-to-end approach to software testing will allow you to harness the full potential of your technology investments.

Testhouse is committed to offering the absolute best software testing and digital quality assurance services available in the Australia today.

By working with us to achieve your digital transformation goals, you’ll gain access to unparalleled advantages, such as:

  • A dedicated team of certified experts with XX years of success in Australia
  • A rich history of excellence in software testing and QA
  • A proven track record of award-winning service delivery and solutions

We’re also the proud holder of several globally-recognised certifications, highlighting our expertise, impeccable standards, and unflinching compliance with regulations.

Take the next step on your journey towards true total quality.

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Trust Testhouse to Transform Your Business

Challenges we’ll solve for you:

Reduce costs and make valuable savings

Minimise the risk of application failure

Leverage fully remote consulting during COVID-19 lockdowns and beyond

Remove time-consuming manual software testing processes

Advantages we’ll provide:

Maximise the ROI of your digital transformation initiatives

Ensure best practices in the transformation initiatives are prioritised

Gain full confidence in the performance and security of your applications

Increase accuracy and efficiency of delivery

Whether you’re looking for software testing solutions, consultancy services, security, automation tools, or any combination of business needs, we’ve got it all covered for you with our unique approach to digital quality assurance.

Still Pushing for Excellence,
Even in the New Normal

Organisations all over the world are adapting their business models to cut costs, and operate from remote locations, thanks to the COVID-19 situation.

But you cannot afford to accept this as an excuse for overlooking quality.

Remote work has become the new normal for many businesses, but Testhouse has been delivering industry-leading software testing services remotely for XX years, giving us a significant head-start in solving these problems for our Australian clients and partners.

We can provide our full range of consulting and testing solutions, tools, and technologies completely remote, with no limitations for your organisation.

  • A One stop shop for QA services offering End-to-end quality assurance for your IT estate and digital transformation initiatives
  • Bespoke QA solutions and DevOps services to maximise effectiveness
  • Industry-leading software testing tools and frameworks to realise your true potential
Hear What the Members of Our Community Said…

Peter Thompson | Digital Transformation & QA Leader

Advisor to Management for Australia & New Zealand

Experienced Digital Transformation and IT Leader with 30 years’ experience in Software testing and Quality Assurance. Headed QA Practise in Barclays Bank, Westpac Banking Corp, Symbian Telecoms, and Bank of New Zealand.

We engaged with Testhouse to ensure that we were testing the whole of the Temenos (T24) platform efficiently and effectively. Testhouse had the experience to test various products and gave us feedback on our ideas that we could take to the Temenos team. We went live with Temenos which was very effective for Volt Bank and our customers. Overall, our engagemet with Testhouse was robust.


David Maher, Test Manager, Volt Bank