Test Process Reviews


The first step will in a software test process quality improvement programme will be to assess your current processes. This evaluation is based on a number of factors – test policy, strategy and types, product risk analysis and management, test design techniques, test team organisation and experience, stakeholder commitment and collaboration, test environments, metrics and tools, progress reporting and team communication, support for automated processes etc. A full picture of the testing process is painted based on this evaluation.

  • A quality improvement programme starts with a software Test Process Review (TPR)
  • A TPR evaluates overall software testing processes and is not a fault-finding mission
  • Suggestions can be made to improve delivery processes based on TPR
  • A software Test Process Review is generally followed by a Test Process Optimisation

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse can be your chosen partner in this journey to continuous improvement. We have a highly successful delivery record of similar engagements and a deep understanding of the good practices that should be part of any software testing quality assurance process. We have all the necessary experience and skills needed to logically separate root-causes of various issues and develop a pragmatic remedial plan to solve those issues, no matter how complex they might be. For instance, it is not uncommon to find too many gaps during an audit; besides dependencies between various elements considered will complicate this scenario further.

  • Testhouse can deeply analyse your QA processes to create a Test Process Review (TPR) evaluation
  • Our evaluation report will contain a detailed picture of your QA strategy that can be further used to optimise your processes.

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Test Process Reviews Explained

Test Process Reviews Help to Understand Shortcomings in your Testing Process

Our consultants will review your entire software testing, quality assurance process end-to-end. We will take into consideration all parameters involved in the process to calculate the efficiency of the process.

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