Test Process Optimization


Test process optimisation or TPO aims at elevating end-to-end software testing processes to the epitome of efficiency in terms of project and program management processes. In other words, TPO aims at improving the quality of the quality assurance process itself. TPO is a continuous process of inspection to identify problems, bottlenecks, unnecessary and inefficient procedures in the testing process to finetune and improve standards and procedures at all levels to ensure best quality output in rapid delivery cycles saving cost, improving time to market and production availability.

  • Test Process Optimisation is critical to improve efficiency of QA processes
  • Lean models ensure faster testing cycles and improved time to market
  • Identifying and fixing gaps in the testing process is what Test process optimisation is all about
  • There are no definite rules for TPO and will vary from case to client.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse strives to achieve highest levels of quality in not just the output it provides but also in all its test processes. Test Process Optimisation plays a definitive role in how our testing and management procedures and standards are defined, playing an integral part in how we conduct our business. Our expertise in improving procedural quality range from preferring top-quality testing tools to Agile transformation, automation, lean process design, etc.

  • Several case studies available on Test process optimisation
  • Dedicated Testing Centre of Excellence and teams for Banking TPO
  • Set standards for Test process optimisation through process documents and templates

Case Studies

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Test Process Optimisation at Testhouse

Improve the Quality of your Quality Assurance Process through Test Process Optimisation

At Testhouse we are committed to not just the quality of your software but to the quality of the process that goes into creating it.

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