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Quality assurance is not just about testing software or applications. It is also about making sure the testing is done the right way at the right time using the right methods to deliver results, maximizing client and user satisfaction along with delivery efficiency and redundancy. This is where managing testing processes comes into play. Test Management provides organizations with the guidance, leadership, and quality assurance consultancy to carry out their testing processes for the best software quality and process efficiency.

  • Test Management Consultancy streamlines and optimizes testing processes by properly identifying what to test, how to test, when, and where to test.
  • Effective test management results in reduced test failures, robust testing processes, reduced iterations, cost savings, and shorter return times.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse leverages its 18+ years of expertise in the software testing and quality assurance industry to provide clients with advice and guidance on the best-suited testing methodologies, tools, frameworks, and services to deploy to ensure optimum results in terms of cost, resources, and processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency in both testing processes and results.

  • Ensure minimum test case failures and maximum process efficiency in your testing processes through our quality assurance consulting services.
  • Our highly knowledgeable test consultants will study and analyze your requirements to suggest the most efficient testing methodologies to achieve your desired business results.
  • We offer test management consulting as a value-added feature to our managed testing service customers to ensure optimization of their testing processes.

Case Studies

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Test Management Consultancy Services

Proper Management of Testing Solutions Ensures Optimum Performance of your Testing Processes

Testhouse can help you ensure top efficiency, the lowest failure rate, and the optimum efficiency of your testing processes by leveraging our deep understanding of testing methodologies and processes.

More QA Advisory & Consulting Services

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Strategic QA Consulting

Let Testhouse be your strategic QA partner. We can manage all your testing and quality assurance efforts and provide you with extensive consulting to help you achieve your business goals.

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Test Process Reviews

Testhouse can analyze and evaluate your software testing processes and practices to identify bottlenecks and bad testing practices as a first step in a strategic QA improvement program.

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QA Transformation Consultancy

Testhouse provides end-to-end QA transformation consultancy services that will help organizations transform the way they conduct quality assurance of their products and services.