Test Centre of Excellence


Quality assurance requirements across projects may vary but they all must exhibit a consistent level of quality across the organisation closely tying in with company visions. A Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) provides a framework to create a team of quality specialists who leverage the best of tools, techniques, methodologies and processes to deliver the best possible levels of quality. Testing Centres of Excellence give testing teams a common goal aligned to general organisational or client goals, bringing more speed, Agility, quality and purpose to their processes, enabling them to deliver near-zero defect products.

  • Testing Centres of Excellence are procedural frameworks
  • TCoEs standardise processes and resources across teams and functions
  • TCoEs tie in with other paradigms to reduce go to market times and costs
  • TCoEs help plug leakages, eliminate duplicates and cut overheads

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse can assist your organisation to set up Centres of Excellence that will not establish common standards of quality across your company but will also allow you to re-use assets and project knowledge, saving costs and overheads. Use of standards and efficient techniques with governance and communication processes will ensure your quality assurance team is operating at the right level of efficiency. Centralising specialties such as test automation and performance reduce cross-project scheduling conflicts and while utilising test tools and test environments sufficiently to provide a better return on investment.

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Test Centres of Excellence at Testhouse

Procedural Frameworks to Establish Standardised Policies to Ensure Company-wide Compliance to Quality

Testhouse has built quality into every sphere of our operation and created Test Centres of Excellence to ensure standardised philosophies of quality across teams and functions.

More QA Advisory & Consulting Services

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Test Management and Consulting

Testhouse provides guidance, leadership and consultancy for organisations to effectively and efficiently carry out their testing processes to achieve the best in software and process quality.

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Test Process Reviews

Testhouse can analyse and evaluate your software testing processes and practices to identify bottlenecks and bad testing practices as a first step in a strategic QA improvement programme.

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Test Process Optimisation

Testhouse can highly improve efficiency and quality of your quality assurance processes itself in terms of project and program management processes through our TRO consultancy.