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Simply having a Quality Assurance (QA) function or practice to ensure your application quality is not just enough. Inefficiently run QA functions frequently turn out to have detrimental effects on not just the applications being tested but on the functioning of the company as a whole. Testing and quality assurance functions should be run and conducted in a way to ensure peak efficiency and least overheads to deliver quality software as per customer needs and meeting business objectives.

  • IT organisations should partner with an experienced Quality Assurance, QA consultant to enable them to transform their QA process into a high-powered, high-quality software delivery engine.
  • QA Consultants can help organisations

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Why Choose Us?

Our deep understanding of Quality Assurance (QA) processes can help you streamline processes and reduce overheads and eliminate bottlenecks in people, processes and infrastructure to transform your organisation into a leaner, meaner and more efficient quality powerhouse to deliver your and your clients’ business objectives.

Our QA Advisory and Consulting Services

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Test Management and Consulting

Testhouse provides guidance, leadership and consultancy for organisations to effectively and efficiently carry out their testing processes to achieve the best in software and process quality.

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Strategic QA Consulting

Let Testhouse be your Strategic Quality Assurance Partner. We can manage all your testing and quality assurance efforts and provide you with extensive consulting to help you achieve your business goals.

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Test Process Reviews

Testhouse can analyse and evaluate your software testing processes and practices to identify bottlenecks and bad testing practices as a first step in a strategic Quality Assurance improvement programme.

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Test Process Optimisation

Testhouse can highly improve efficiency and quality of your quality assurance, QA processes itself in terms of project and program management processes through our TRO consultancy.

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Test Centre of Excellence

Testhouse helps organisations set up company-wide testing and quality assurance standards tying in with company values and culture (Testing Centres of Excellence) to help deliver intrinsic customer value

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QA Transformation Consultancy

Testhouse provides end-to-end Quality Assurance (QA) transformation consultancy services that will help organisations transform the way they conduct quality assurance of their products and services

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QA Consulting Services from Testhouse

Expert Advise Greatly Helps Towards Optimising Testing and Quality Assurance Processes

Testhouse leverages its 18+ years of software testing and quality assurance expertise to provide all kinds of high level QA advisory consulting helping clients to optimise their QA processes in the perfect way to meet their business objectives.