Windows 10 Migration Quality Assurance


As Windows 7 support has ended, enterprises have to mandatorily upgrade to Windows 10 or 11. Windows OS upgrades are expectedly long and difficult processes, especially when they involve a large-scale company-wide migration. There has to be a detailed migration and testing strategy to ensure the continued quality of Windows 10 installation during upgrades and updates as well.

  • Windows 11 is the latest release.
  • Microsoft will follow a Windows-as-a-Service approach.
  • Instead of large-scale release cycles, users will now receive feature updates on a regular six-month cycle.
  • Regular regression testing and security, compliance, and continuity maintenance are necessary to ensure upgrades do not break the system.

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Why Choose Us?

With Testhouse, you can migrate your Windows 7 installation to a Windows 10 enterprise installation of your choice as a single, one-time, completely hassle-free, and minimized-risk process. Testhouse has developed a complete, end-to-end application and packaging solution in support of Windows migration and subsequent updates. Our wide expertise and experience will help address any challenges that may arise during the migration process and ensure the quality of the installation remains unparalleled during all future updates. We have partnered with software packaging specialists Apptimize to deliver a fully packaged Windows 10 migration solution that will get the work done with no hassles and minimum complications. The process of migrating to Windows 10 will consist of the following steps to ensure complete functionality of your new installation and perfect compatibility with all installed applications:

  • Validate existing hardware, core build, and installation package for compatibility with the chosen Windows 10 version.
  • Conduct exhaustive testing of all installed applications for compatibility with the new proposed Windows 10 installation.
  • Ensure the integrity of user-data migration and user personalization.
  • Deployment, non-functional testing, and a pilot of the new installation
  • Testhouse will manage all further upgrades to ensure full compatibility.

We follow a proven 4-step approach for the Win10 migration: plan, prepare, execute, and report. 1. PLAN familiarize, define, and identify what needs to be done. 2. PREPARE: Prepare scenarios and data requirements and agree on a schedule. 3. EXECUTE: Execute test cases, log defects, and analyze results. 4. REPORT: Provide key findings to stakeholders. This will focus on compatibility and integration of the applications to ensure that the application is working correctly within Windows 10. This will focus on compatibility and integration of the applications to ensure that the application is working correctly within Windows 10.

Your application estate is likely to include a diverse set of software packages. Many of these will need to be tested against Windows 10 during the upgrade and will also need to be included as part of regular regression test cycles. Wherever possible, Testhouse would recommend the use of automated functional testing to reduce future regression efforts. We can help you quickly identify the applications that should be in or out of scope for automation. We also have pre-built frameworks that work with automation test tools such as Test Complete, UFT, Coded UI, and Selenium to ensure that your automation is efficient and effective.

By combining Testhouse's application testing expertise with the unique Apptimized cloud-based packaging solution, we can offer customers a unique one-stop end-to-end application migration and management service. Our integrated approach to application compatibility testing, remediation, packaging and User Acceptance Testing can save you man years of effort, significant amounts of money and stress during your migration to Windows 10.

  • Testhouse's Application testing is crucial in assessing readiness for Windows 10, maintaining business continuity and removing risk during Semi Annual Channel updates
  • Apptimized's Application packaging is a critical component in maintaining security, compliance and continuity
  • Testing and packaging are commonly undertaken as separate activities leading to long lead times, unnecessary cost, duplication and poor quality output
  • Testhouse and Apptimized have partnered to offer an end-to-end service that pulls together specialist testing expertise with an industry-leading packaging solution.

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Concise Overview: Windows 10 Migration

Get to know how to migrate to Windows 10 keeping all your data and sanity intact

Testhouse can ensure your migration process to Windows 10 Enterprise is simple and smooth, with no pitfalls or hassles. Let us ensure your highest-quality Windows 10 installation!

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