Dynamics 365 Quality Consultancy

Service Overview

Dynamics 365 is a suite of customer relationship management (CRM) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) software applications from Microsoft. The Dynamics Suite is a cloud-based, all-in-one business solution that unifies processes, relationships, financial and customer data analytics, among others, into a single place, seamlessly interacting with other applications, and helping organizations make better, faster, and more intelligent decisions to move their business forward.

As indispensable as it is to running a large-scale modern business, Dynamics 365 is still a major business investment. Businesses have to ensure the highest quality of their implementation to extract maximum returns from that investment. Hassle-free operations and upgrades that don’t break customizations are key to this. Many of these challenges can seem innocuous but can pose serious risks to organizations. This is where testing your Dynamics 365 implementations to ensure its risk-free and smooth functioning becomes highly important. And this is where we can help.

D365 quality assurance
D365 Automation testing

Why Choose Us?

Testhouse is one of the few QA companies specializing in Dynamics 365 testing and quality assurance. A certified Microsoft Gold partner, Testhouse has devised several solutions to ensure the highest quality of your Dynamics 365 implementation in the most cost-effective way. These include performance and functional testing, both manual and automatic; migration and integration assistance; configuration management; version control; and others. We guarantee that we can test and deliver any implementation scenario imaginable. Our expertise in testing and ensuring full functionality of Dynamics 365 installations can help many businesses across verticals increase their business efficiencies and customer satisfaction levels.

  • Our repository includes more than 5,000 manual test scripts made available exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • We have a suite of plugins for Microsoft Web and Load that simplify the development of performance tests for Dynamics 365.
  • Testhouse has tested the migration of suites with more than 10,000 users to Dynamics from other CRM solutions on the market.
  • Testhouse also specializes in ensuring the quality of Dynamics 365 (CRM and AX) integration with other complex solutions such as SAP and Oracle products.
  • Testhouse has developed its own highly customizable DevOps-enabled Selenium framework to test and assure the quality of Dynamics 365 installations.
  • Our dedicated team of Microsoft-certified expert Dynamics 365 consultants is available around the clock.
D365 Automation testing

Validated methodology and tools to successfully deliver projects on time with the required level of quality. LCS (Lifecycle Services) and Azure DevOps ensure that every aspect of your application lifecycle is managed and monitored by:

  • Managing development projects
  • Requirements management
  • Software configuration management
  • Enabling continuous integration and deployment
  • Test and defect management
  • Bidirectional traceability across the life cycle
  • Rich & effective reporting

Specialized testing around migration, integration, or bespoke implementation. Less time is wasted on training and creating and maintaining test scripts, enabling you to get early feedback on the quality of your Dynamics project. We adopt a risk-based approach to testing, delineating the out-of-the box tested features versus change-impacted areas of Dynamics 365.

Testhouse can provide an efficient Dynamics 365 test automation solution that allows for automated test scripts to be easily created, maintained, updated and reused. We

  • Provide technical support for automating complex areas of MS Dynamics 365
  • Provide test automation that can be used across the lifecycle
  • Support existing test automation tools a client may have
  • Identify regression test failures through comprehensive reports
  • Promote ease of maintenance
  • Enforce good practice

Unlimited virtual users can test real-world scenarios. With Testhouse-developed plug-ins, performance tests can be created and executed quicker than ever.

Concise Overview: Dynamics 365 Quality Assurance Consultancy

Get an Overview of our Dynamics 365 Quality Consultancy Through this Short Video

Our qualified and experienced Dynamics 365 consultants will test and optimise your D365 installation to ensure you get the best out of your investment.

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