ALM Implementation


ALM (Application Life Cycle Management) implementation will do wonders to improve an application’s efficiency and quality at every step of its lifecycle. An ALM process includes, but is not limited to, requirement tracking, task tracking, source control, automated build, automated deployment, automation testing, release management, test management, test case repository, test run, and defect tracking. ALM implementation is best done with the help of dedicated tools.

  • Microsoft TFS and VSTS come with a superset of features that most other ALM tools on the market offer.
  • ALM can benefit customers by providing full visibility of the project and process.
  • Dashboards and trackers are mostly auto-generated.
  • ALM helps in tracking the health of the project and notifies when things go off-plan.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse has a high-level quality consultancy to help improve the quality of applications through ALM implementation. We can help you ensure the health of your application at every step of its lifecycle to catch any discrepancies in it before they cause any damage. ALM implementation becomes extremely critical for heavily-used and customer-centric applications in sectors like banking and finance.

  • Our ALM implementation processes are entirely tool-oriented. Our consultants are well-versed in top tools and services.
  • Testhouse is a tool-agnostic company. We do not insist on what tool sets clients should use, but we offer clients a choice of their own tools.
  • Our ALM implementation clients include major banking and financial institutions in the Middle East and the USA and top real estate companies in the UAE.

Testing engineers need tools to conduct various testing assignments. Microsoft Tools Testing is the umbrella term used to describe this process. Most of the tools used are from the Visual Studio family of applications. Know more about our offerings among Microsoft Tools.

Testhouse provides a wide range of consulting services in testing using the Microsoft Visual Studio's suite of testing tools. Most of these are centered around VSTS and TFS to provide superior quality of testing services. Read below to know more on how we can help you increase your software quality using Visual Studio tools.

DTDPS is a bundled solution Microsoft offers to customers of Visual Studio. A certified Microsoft partner (like Testhouse) helps customers to carry out free planned deployments of Visual Studio.

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ALM Implementation at Testhouse

Keep Track of your Application Throughout its LIfecycle

Application lifecycle management (ALM) implementation is a tool-dependent process that constantly monitors your application's health and performance throughout its lifecycle.

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