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No one on the Internet is immune from security threats. The consequences of a security breach are great: revenue impact, damage to credibility, legal liability, and loss of customer trust. Security testing helps to make data and information on digital networks secure by identifying potential vulnerabilities and flaws in the security mechanisms of the network while ensuring compliance with the latest recommended security standards. Security testing assures management that their systems are secure from attacks and vulnerabilities and provides end users with reassurance that their data is protected and secured at all times.

  • Security testing can be carried out in conjunction with or independent of other testing processes.
  • Security testing looks at stopping active intrusion attempts from external sources rather than fixing only inherent application flaws.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse and our partners can provide you with experienced security testing consultants who can advise, identify potential risks, and uncover security vulnerabilities in applications through assessments tailored to your organization. Through process and policy review, detailed interviews, and technical analysis, we can provide you with the insights necessary to identify if your organization is suitably addressing the security expectations of clients, regulatory bodies, and internal management.

  • Use of the Threat Model to understand business security risks through a combination of manual and automated security testing
  • We identify business logic flaws that are often ignored by application scanning tools.
  • Detailed recommendations, guidance, and remediation assistance

To learn more about the specific nature of the security testing services we provide, browse the categories below.

Application security testing is the detection of applications’ conditions that are indicative of exploitable security vulnerabilities. Application security testing is divided into two sub-groups: 1. Static Applications Security Testing (SAST) can be thought of as testing the application from the inside out—by examining its source code, byte code, or application binaries for conditions indicative of a security vulnerability. 2. Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) can be thought of as testing the application from the outside in—by examining the application in its running state and trying to poke it and prod it in unexpected ways in order to discover security vulnerabilities. The key benefits of application security assessment are: • meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines; • avoid the cost of application downtime. • protection of confidential data; • preservation of corporate image

Security risk assessments are broad investigations of the entire network to measure the level of compliance within businesses against industry good practices and international standards, designed with the intent of protecting sensitive business assets.

Code security testing assessments try to identify possible flaws in the code or poor coding practices to prevent vulnerabilities that may arise in advance. This can be done using automated tools or through manual scrutiny. Some assessments: • Presence of developer test code or files (not removed) • Obfuscation; • Session Handling; • Input Validation; • Parameter and Variable Checking; • Cookie Parameters and Hidden Fields (if applicable) • Read/Write call to files (permission checks)

A mobile security assessment service will ensure that the configuration and implementation of mobile devices are secure and will not allow the compromise of corporate networks or the capture of sensitive data via rogue employees, lost devices, or man in the middle’ attacks without impinging upon the remote-access convenience mobile computing offers.

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a form of ethical hacking where a staged real-life hacking of the system using only minimal information is carried out to identify vulnerabilities in the network. Penetration testing services are often essential for compliance with financial regulations and certifications. Tests include:
• Security Vulnerability Assessments
• Network Penetration Tests
• Web Application Penetration Tests
• Internal Penetration Tests

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