Performance Testing


How an application performs under various conditions is a fundamental measure of its quality. Performance testing will ascertain and provide you with the critical knowledge of how various components of your application will perform in terms of response time, throughput, speed, scalability and stability under various conditions of load, stress and pressure. Performance Testing helps you build a rock-solidly reliable system that just works.

  • Determines your application’s reliability and predictability
  • Find and eliminate performance bottlenecks from the system
  • Establish performance limit benchmarks for your application
  • The ultimate determinant of the user’s experience quality.

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Why Choose Us?

With over a decade and a half of dedicated stellar testing experience we can ensure you application will open and work when a customer demands it, no matter what the conditions it operates in might be. Testhouse can identify and provide the correct tools, processes, data and people, as well as plan, script and execute performance tests for any system, no matter be it a simple application or a complex software suite. We have all that is required to run non-functional, performance testing solutions which include high-level mobile solutions, drawing up performance testing strategies, implementing agile performance testing and monitoring solutions among others.

  • At Testhouse we do not test to break but to discover the limits of your application.
  • Track record of millions of hours of performance testing
  • We will test your applications to their very limits under any conceivable conditions

Load testing is the most basic form of performance testing. Simply put, it looks at trying to find what the response of the applications are under different load conditions.

Stress testing is conducted to find the tolerance limits of your application. Basically an extension of load testing, Stress testing is critical to understand what the levels of extreme load the system can handle are.

Also called soak testing, this tests for how long the system can handle extreme levels of load and stress before breaking down. It will study how the system behaves progressively under extreme stress levels over time and how it degrades over time.

Tests how the system will handle sudden increases and decreases of load over a small period of time and how the system and sometimes users will reach to abrupt performance changes.

This type of testing tests how changes in configuration of the hardware or the components being used can affect the system's performance and behaviour. Load-balancing tests come under this category.

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An Inside View of Testhouse's Performance Testing Prowess

We Test to Fix and Not to Break

We at Testhouse can make sure with their rock-solid reliability and blazingly-fast performance, your applications will never disappoint your customers.

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