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Mobile testing ensures the quality of applications and other digital properties running on mobile devices. The dynamism, complexity, and competitive nature of the mobile application space make it imperative that publishers choose a highly responsive and well-equipped test partner to ensure the greatest user experience of their digital properties across all types of mobile devices.

  • Mobile testing involves all testing types (functional, performance, etc.).
  • Mobile application testing involves thousands of complex parameters.
  • Mobile applications see faster development iterations and hence have to be tested more frequently than at the normal application SDLC.
  • DevOps practices become indispensable in mobile testing as you have to anticipate and stay one step ahead of changes in the market.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse grew up with the mobile ecosystem. Our dedicated, top-class DevOps-enabled mobile testing practices will ensure the superior quality and user experience of your mobile application across any imaginable combination of configurations, specifications, operating systems (iOS, Android), environments, etc.

  • Expertise in having tested thousands of applications at every stage of the mobile ecosystem
  • Our mobility tests are run on real devices in the real world, in addition to simulations using tools and other methods.
  • Our teams of experienced mobile testers can execute continuous testing services to provide real-time feedback on application quality.
  • We provide every imaginable mobile application testing service.

Through mobile functional testing, we verify if your mobile application works as it is expected to. Mobile functional testing is more complicated than functional testing for regular applications because the application will have to work in an environment that is vastly wider and more complicated. •   Functional correctness at every level is verified thoroughly prior to publishing. • Our mobile functional testing practices ensure your application delivers the highest levels of quality, responsiveness, clarity of design, and, most importantly, ease of use and navigation. • Our testing processes are tailored to prevent any incidents with applications like an overly complicated interface or an abrupt programme exit.

As enterprise mobile applications become more complex in terms of functionality, faster releases of better quality and upgraded features have become the norm. The entire infrastructure providing the data to the application has to evolve in sync with the app. Manual testing alone will not achieve product or project quality goals unless significantly supplemented by test automation. Testhouse is a leading DevOps practitioner who can ensure that you can test in sync with your development process using test automation. This way, application updates can be released faster and in shorter cycles, and quality will always be at the forefront when you are ready to release. • Application behaviour on different platforms varies and is limited by features offered by the underlying operating system. • Testhouse uses mobile test automation tools that can record business functionality on one platform that can then be replayed on multiple platforms for faster testing. • Testhouse can leverage established partnerships with leading mobile automation tool vendors such as Xamarin, Experitest, HP, and IBM. • Irrespective of the type of mobile application, Testhouse consultants can assist you with the right automation strategy and tools for maximum user experience.

With device compatibility testing, we make sure that your application will work as intended on all devices, with their varying configurations and system specifications. New devices are constantly being brought to market with different versions of the operating systems. We test not only on simulators but physically on real devices to make sure any defects or compatibility issues can be detected and rectified as quickly as possible. • Testhouse has invested heavily in our mobile test lab to ensure that we are able to test on all popular mobile devices and operating systems that are required by our clientele. • We have supplier arrangements with major telecom providers to obtain devices with specific firmware installed by the main mobile network operators. • You can rest assured that all mainstream handsets and tablets are covered and that your application will exceed end-user expectations in terms of quality.

Mobile applications are the GUI front-end required for interacting with servers. This client-server architecture involves exchanging data continuously between the mobile device and its server. Any slow or unavailable server can have disastrous impacts on the user experience, reputation, and revenue. Testhouse can make sure you know the performance limits of your application across devices and networks through our performance testing practices. • Testhouse has expertise in delivering numerous performance testing projects for clients across the globe, from one-person apps to enterprise-level applications for global banks. • We have been consistently scaling up our performance testing parameters to match the growth in the computing and memory capacity of mobile devices. • Testhouse can carry out all kinds of performance testing for your mobile application to ensure your server can accommodate the load and can positively respond to peak-time user needs. • There are various types of performance testing that can be carried out according to your requirements, such as sizing and scalability, real user load, soak tests, etc.

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Mobility Assurance at Testhouse

Rest Assured, Your Application Marketplace Rating Will Be Off the Charts!

Testhouse can ensure your mobile application continues to deliver an exceptional user experience no matter what device, platform, or environment it operates in.

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