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Is your software working the way it is intended to? Will it work in the real world as it does in simulations? Is the code really executing as per its outlined specifications? Do various parts of the application interact as planned? Will users find the application functioning as per their requirements, or will they get lost in the flow? Functional testing answers all these questions and more:

  • Test your application against its intended output parameters to make sure it works the way it is meant to.
  • Test if the functions of the application are working as intended.
  • Understand if various parts of the application are interacting as planned.
  • Check if the user navigation is simple, free-flowing, and friction-less.
  • Functional testing ensures optimum quality for content, design, and user experience.

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Why Choose Us?

Over the past 18 years, Testhouse has performed countless functional testing service projects for numerous clients. With such wide experience and a focused approach, Testhouse teams would most definitely have encountered and found solutions to the most conceivable software quality problems. Testhouse can work with you to ensure that your functional testing requirements are met, whether they come in documented form, user stories, or undefined demands.

  • Functional testing lies at the core of our quality philosophy.
  • Two decades of domain-centric and technology-driven functional testing service expertise
  • There are thousands of deployable test cases that can be leveraged to ensure the quality of client applications.
  • We undertake all kinds of functional testing processes, as below:

Regression testingintends to make sure that older software versions still perform the same way after updates, upgrades, or integration with newer versions. Software vendors today favour a move from a complex monolithic style to a collection of loosely coupled but highly versatile and responsive services supporting the same business logic. Testhouse will help you make your regression testing strategy multi-layered and, preferably, automation-dependent to support the business demands of change. Regression testing is a standing feature across all our testing services.

We view functional testing services more from a user experience point of view. You could do all the testing in the world, and you could have a top-notch, high-performing application, but if your user experience does not match up to the best, it will all be for nothing. UAT, also called beta testing or end-user testing, will be the most important phase of your software testing process from a business point of view. Testhouse Quality assurance & testing consultants can deliver customised UAT functional testing solutions as per the unique needs of your application, to enable perfect functionality in intended environments.

Functional correctness over a wide range of operating hardware systems, web designs, user interface technologies, web standards, mobile devices of varying configurations etc is a critical success factor for any of your applications. Increasing business demand for complex functionality and security complicates this picture further. Exhaustive and extensive testing can be unrealistic and expensive. You will need a well calibrated functional testing strategy to ensure your product quality. You can make use of our lab service equipped with latest mobile devices, operating systems versions and popular browser combinations.

Business Intelligence and Analytics applications may be helping your senior management to make correct strategic and operational decisions. For your BI applications to provide correct outputs it should receive correct data inputs. This presents a serious challenge as the data sources tend to be heterogeneous and in multiple formats, data volumes often large (in terabytes) and the workflow often sequential and multi-stage. Work with Testhouse functional testing consultants to ensure your business intelligence applications are tested thoroughly and in time.

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The Testhouse Functional Testing Expertise

Functional testing lies at the core of the Testhouse Quality Assurance philosophy

Partnering with Testhouse will ensure the full and flawless functionality of your application in exactly the way it was intended to.

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