Omni Channel Assurance


Omni Channel Assurance is the promise of delivering the same, seamless quality of delivery and user experience for an application or function across several touch points of channels and devices. These channels can be over the internet on a number of desktop, tablet, or mobile devices, social media, email, or even on out-of-home screens and kiosks. Any organization that is serious about making its customers stick to them in this age of infinite touchpoints cannot ignore Omni Channel Assurance.

  • Omnichannel assurance is a critical part of digital transformation.
  • It plays an important role in ensuring the user experience for consumer-intensive industries like banking and financial services.
  • Omni Channel Assurance is an important step for not just the user experience but for branding and marketing purposes as well.
  • Omni Channel Assurance can consist of a range of testing functions: functional, performance, mobility, automation, and so on.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse provides comprehensive omnichannel assurance services. Our integral quality assurance consultancy services can devise solutions to provide your customers with an end-to-end, seamless, cutting-edge quality user experience no matter what channel or device they use to access your services. We have a well-equipped lab stocked with devices that are used to run real-life omnichannel testing services.

  • Highly customizable automation frameworks to test any scenario
  • Seamless integration and migration of scenarios across channels
  • Migrate users and applications seamlessly across channels and devices.
  • Omni Channel Assurance testing consists of functional, performance, usability, system integration, compatibility, and security testing.

Testhouse provides superior mobility testing services for all your applications on any platform. We conduct cutting-edge quality assurance and testing process, service or consultancy for your mobile application SDLC to ensure top quality of your application. Read on to know more!

Let Testhouse be your Strategic Testing Partner. Our Strategic Test Consultancy will manage all your testing and quality assurance efforts and provide you with extensive consulting to help you achieve your business goals.

DevOps4Mobile DevOps4Mobile is a quality and testing paradigm developed by Testhouse to lead mobile application development testing and deployment particularly on the (Azure) Cloud. DevOps4Mobile will help you to design, plan, build, test and release top-quality mobile applications entirely on the cloud. Read on to know more!

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry (BFSI) has heavily adopted Omni Channel Assurance practices as part of its digital transformation efforts. We provide Omni Channel Assurance across the vast BFSI sector along with all other forms of application testing. Read through to know our offerings in the sector.

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Omni Channel Assurance is Seamlessness

Let your Customers Experience of Seamlessness as they Smoothly Flow Betweeen Channels

Testhouse can ensure that your users will enjoy the same high-quality experience of your services, irrespective of the channel or device they use.

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