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Mobile devices are ubiquitous today as the primary channel to access the internet and the first touchpoint between an organisation and its customers. Any company or industry serious about attracting and retaining customers has to have a detailed and mobility strategy. This does not just end at an app or a website, but it will be to assure and ensure users a wholesome, high-quality experience through any mobile device of any operating system or specification.

  • Mobility quality assurance is an integral part of digital transformation.
  • Mobility can involve mobile application testing and all its constituent functions.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse grew up with the rise of the mobile ecosystem. We have been extremely closely associated with its growth lifecycle that mobile testing comes naturally to us. We have tested hundreds of mobile applications spanning sectors, technologies, systems and platforms over the past 18 years. Testhouse has a dedicated mobile testing practise to test applications across operating systems (iOS, Android and others) and their versions, and devices of any imaginable configurations, specifications etc. Our testing practise will make sure your application will work flawlessly across all mobile devices and platforms, delivering exceptional user experience. You can check all the mobile testing services we offer, below.

  • We run our tests on real devices in the real world in labs in addition to simulations
  • All our testing practices are available for mobile applications just as they are available for other platforms (Mobile Functional Testing, Mobile Performance Testing, Mobile Test Automation, Device Compatibility Testing, Mobile Security Testing, etc.)
  • We have teams of experienced mobile testers who can provide continuous testing services to provide you with rapid feedback on application quality.
  • Testhouse as a DevOps practitioner can ensure your applications are tested and released on shorter cycles using Test automation to meet rapidly changing marketplace requirements.

Testhouse provides superior mobility testing services for all your applications on any platform. We conduct cutting-edge mobile quality assurance and testing process, service or consultancy for your mobile application SDLC to ensure top quality of your application. Read on to know more!

Omni Channel Assurance is the promise to provide the same levels of quality and familiarity of a service across any number of diverse of platforms and channels the user might access. These channels might be digital or physical.

DevOps4Mobile is a quality and testing paradigm developed by Testhouse to lead mobile application development testing and deployment particularly on the (Azure) Cloud. DevOps4Mobile will help you to design, plan, build, test and release top-quality mobile applications entirely on the cloud. Read on to know more!

Strategic Test Consulting helps organisations optimise and streamline their quality assurance processes to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and operating standards. Testhouse can partner with you to convert your test processes into beacons of efficiency.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) is one of many of Testhouse's core areas of expertise. Institutions in the BFSI sector is heavily dependent on the quality of mobile applications. We provide mobility assurance across the vast BFSI sector along with all other forms of application testing. Read through to know our offerings in the sector.

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Mobility Solutions at Testhouse

The Quality of its Mobile Application can Make or Break an Organisation

At Testhouse we will ensure your mobile application works flawlessly no matter what the conditions are or the devices on which they operate.

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