In the past decade, the Cloud, as it is called, has gone from an obscure geeky oddity to an all-encompassing global computing phenomenon. The Cloud can be said to be many things. In general what is said to be the “Cloud” refers to distributed hardware or other such shared resources all easily managed from anywhere through the internet. The Cloud has opened up immense possibilities for businesses as they don’t need to “own” anything anymore.

  • All services are now available “as a Service (aaS)” over the cloud (internet).
  • The cloud allows immensely scalable, flexible and collaborative services.
  • A lot of testing and QA services tools are now deployed on the Cloud as they allow for great ease and flexibility of operations.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse widely uses the Cloud for all its testing purposes. All our testing tools are deployed on the Cloud. Our cloud testing services run using collaborative software like Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) are all by default services deployed on the Cloud. Our Cloud functions help our clients release their services with even shorter release cycles. Testhouse has taken the Cloud paradigm one step ahead by bringing the functionalities of DevOps to the flexibility of Azure Cloud, called Azure4DevOps.

  • Testhouse’s Cloud testing services help clients drastically improve flexibility
  • All our tools and frameworks are deployed on the Cloud for best effectiveness

Azure4DevOps is a testing paradigm developed by Testhouse for DevOps-enabled testing on the Cloud. It introduces DevOps capabilities to Visual Studio's collaborative solutions (VSTS) installations on Microsoft’s Azure cloud solutions to help faster rollouts and turnaround times. Read on to know more.

Cloud Testing is the future. DevOps and cloud environments enable highly diverse, scalable and complex testing and configuration environments, enabling software testing companies to push code through all kinds of scenarios with utmost efficiency without having to worry about server configurations, bottlenecks or deployment issues. Read more below on how software testing on the Cloud is going to be the future.

Case Studies

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The Cloud Enables Software Testing

The Cloud is the Future of Software Testing.

The cloud is the greatest enabler of digital transformation and the future of software testing.

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Testhouse can ensure you quality presence on the mobile ecosystem, which is imperative for any organisation as Mobility is at the heart of what is driving today's Digital Transformation wave.

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Testhouse can help you understand and utilise Security principles and philosophies to safeguard and complete your digital transformation processes to completely win over user trust.

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Big Data

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