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Big Data is a commonly used term for collections of extremely large and complex datasets that are beyond the scope of traditional data analysis and processing tools. Big data generated by information technology processes can shed light on issues affecting the quality of those processes. Big Data data sets might have to be directly tested for data integrity, interconnectivity, etc., or they can be part of other testing and quality assurance processes. A lot of big data is generated as a result of testing processes, which can be analyzed to gain insights into quality problems in the application.

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Many of Testhouse’s quality assurance processes involve handling large and complex data sets. Analyzing these complex data sets can help us gain valuable insights into what can affect the quality of applications and processes. Testhouse consultants are proficient in using tools that can peek into these data sets and help you achieve better quality in your applications and processes. These processes will help you better understand your applications and their limitations and strengths.

  • Complex data sets are generated and analyzed during most testing processes.
  • Testhouse uses tool sets that can interpret and draw insights from data to improve the quality of applications, which is especially relevant for performance and automation testing.

Performance testing will ascertain and provide you with critical knowledge of how various components of your application will perform in terms of response time, throughput, speed, scalability, and stability under various conditions of load, stress, and pressure.

Automated software testing (also called test automation) is, very simply put, a process where software tests software. Predefined automation tools run the test suite and return reports on critical outcomes. All this happens with minimal human intervention. Learn more about automation testing.

Functional testing ensures the full functionality of your application and all parts of it meet its intended specifications. We are especially adept and experienced at executing functional testing of applications in the energy sector to ensure the overall efficiency of the system.

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Big Data for Testing Solutions

Big Data can provide valuable insights about the quality of applications

The large data sets generated during testing processes can provide valuable insights about the functioning and quality of applications.

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To ensure maximum flexibility, scalability, and collaboration, not to mention reduction of overhead, Testhouse makes use of the cloud for all its QA practices, including deployment, tools, and testing.

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Testhouse can ensure your quality presence in the mobile ecosystem, which is imperative for any organization as mobility is at the heart of what is driving today's digital transformation wave.

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Our AML solutions help banks achieve the highest levels of compliance and institute effective and efficient analysis and control mechanisms to proactively mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance.