We live in a digital economy where the biggest success stories are based on APIs (Access Point Interfaces). Services like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. provide their APIs to other applications and developers to connect to their services. The dependence of applications on such multiple external APIs brings with it significant risks, and these are mostly functional risks rather than security risks. For instance, failure of an API can lead to the unavailability of critical business services. Bug fixes and changes to the APIs, such as adding additional fields, can lead to service disruptions. Regression impact needs to be addressed, and backward compatibility needs to be ensured.

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Your applications may already be exposing APIs to interact with other internal and external applications. APIs need to be tested for normal and abnormal operations, and exception handling capabilities must be validated. Further challenges you may face will include the need for technically competent testers who can programmatically manipulate APIs, supporting multiple versions of the APIs, supporting a large number of APIs, APIs supported on multiple protocols, supporting APIs on multiple versions of the same protocol (SOAP 1.1 and 1.2), and the accuracy of API documentation. API testing is a frequently requested service at Testhouse; we can advise you on the best practices.

Does your application function the way it was intended to? Utilise our functional testing expertise to ensure your software works exactly as it was outlined to do in your specifications documents.

Achieve great levels of efficiency, fast turnaround times and enhanced user satisfaction by automating your testing processes. Our expertise can help you get there with least risk and best ROI.

Testhouse inculcates DevOps and Continuous Development paradigms in our testing processes to deliver high quality software faster and with increased frequency helping clients to surprise their customers with superior, flawless user experiences.

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Testhouse Offers Premier Digital Assurance Services to Help in Digital Transformation Processes

Testhouse Offers Premier Digital Assurance Services to Help in Digital Transformation Processes for clients to stay competitive by delivering exceptional user experience and customer satisfaction

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Testhouse can help you understand and utilize security principles and philosophies to safeguard and complete your digital transformation processes to completely win over user trust.

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Big Data

Utilize our expertise and tools to overcome the challenge of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the mountains of data generated by the digital transformation of testing processes.

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Omni-Channel Assurance

Present your users with the pinnacle of digital transformation by assuring them a seamless, familiar, and frictionless usage experience across channels, devices, environments, and platforms.