Digital Transformation & Digital Assurance


This is the era of digital transformation. Organisations all over the world are profoundly changing the way they do business and deliver value to customers through adoption of digital technologies and practices. Business methods and strategies are being transformed to conform and align to digital methods to improve customer experience and reduce business overheads. However, digital transformation quality assurance is imperative for it to achieve its objectives.

  • Digital assurance processes ensure digital transformation projects attain the business objectives intended by the digital transformation process.
  • Assuring the quality of digital transformation projects will involve testing a host of technological paradigms such as Cloud, Mobility, etc.
  • Digital assurance is not limited to just testing digital transformation of projects but ensuring an easier, faster and more wholesome user experience.

D365 Automation testing

Why Choose Us?

Testhouse can help ensure your digital transformation efforts meet your business objectives through our digital assurance services. We can assure highest quality of digital transformations by conducting comprehensive testing across our clients’ digital value chain. This encompasses digital marketing, web portals, web content, digital assets, web analytics, and the entire digital ecosystem – which includes cloud, mobility, big data, security and connected devices using an Omni Channel Philosophy.

  • Digital assurance & testing solutions address multi-faceted needs of digital transformation testing.
  • Testhouse’s digital assurance processes involves all latest technological trends to help attain complete digital transformation of client services
  • The technologies we employ include Cloud, Mobility, Security, Big Data, Omni-Channel Assurance and KPI Testing

Our Digital Assurance Services

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To ensure maximum flexibility, scalability and collaboration, not to mention reduction of overheads, Testhouse makes use of the Cloud for all its QA practices, including deployment, tools and testing

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Testhouse can ensure you quality presence on the mobile ecosystem, which is imperative for any organisation as Mobility is at the heart of what is driving today's Digital Transformation wave.

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Testhouse can help you understand and utilise Security principles and philosophies to safeguard and complete your digital transformation processes to completely win over user trust.

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Big Data

Utilise our expertise and tools to overcome the challenge of collecting, analysing and interpreting the mountains of data generated by digital transformation of testing processes.

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Omni-Channel Assurance

Present your users with the pinnacle of digital transformation by assuring them a seamless, familiar and frictionless usage experience across channels, devices, environments and platforms.

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API Testing

Our AML solutions help banks to achieve highest levels of compliance and institute effective and efficient analysis and control mechanisms to proactively mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Testhouse's Digital Assurance Solutions

Digital Assurance is the Most Important Block in the Digital Transformation Building

Testhouse helps customers assure perfect implementation of digital transformation processes, assuring seamless and scalable digital solutions to deliver maximum value to customers utilising the most of new age digital solutions.