DevOps4Mobile is a quality and testing paradigm developed by Testhouse to lead mobile application development testing and deployment on the Cloud. The core focus of DevOps4Mobile is the Visual Studio Mobile Centre IDE which teams can use to develop, test and deploy applications faster and seamlessly.

  • DevOps4Mobile will help deliver mobile applications faster with fewer testing cycles, drastically improving time to market.

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Why Choose DevOps4Mobile?

As a Gold Microsoft DevOps, Silver Cloud Platform and Xamarin Partner, Testhouse’s advanced DevOps and testing expertise can ensure you optimise your Visual Studio Mobile Centre platform for delivering Industry leading Mobile applications. Through DevOps4Mobile, you can ensure faster release cycles and times to market for your mobile applications. The mobile applications development market is highly complex and dynamic. Testing and releasing updates is incredibly challenging because of rapidly changing user preferences and myriad device and system specifications. Hence, DevOps practices become indispensable to ensure rapid release cycles and to keep up with market demands.

DevOps4Dynamics is a quality paradigm developed by Testhouse to help optimise Dynamics 365 users’ delivery pipeline and enable more frequent builds, deployments and testing of their D365 installations. This is done by introducing a DevOps approach to the whole process.

Azure4DevOps is a testing paradigm developed by Testhouse for DevOps-enabled testing on the Cloud. It introduces DevOps capabilities to Visual Studio's collaborative solutions (VSTS) installations on Microsoft’s Azure cloud solutions to help faster rollouts and turnaround times. Read on to know more.

Testhouse provides superior mobility testing services for all your applications on any platform. We conduct cutting-edge quality assurance and testing process, service or consultancy for your mobile application SDLC to ensure top quality of your application. Read on to know more!

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DevOps4Mobile for Better Mobile Applications

Release high-quality Mobile Apps Right From Your Company!

Through DevOps4Mobile, Testhouse brings you the ability to develop, test and release high-quality mobile applications in accordance to market demands!

More DevOps Services

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Continuous Deployment

Attain the ultimate in testing automation. Combine DevOps practices with Test Automation processes to ensure rapid, continuous and real-time release of software updates to production.

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Continuous Testing

Ensure the ongoing quality of releases being pushed into production by continuously executing automated testing on releases at every step as part of the Continuous Deployment process.

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Utilise the advantages of DevOps practices to enjoy fast and easy testing of applications using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) on the Cloud.