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Continuous Delivery is an integral part of DevOps. It is a testing philosophy that breaks down the distinction between the development of a software product and its operational implementation. The process is done by seeing all stages as interdependent and integrating quality assurance through continuous testing and feedback as early as possible in the development process. By implementing Continuous Delivery, a development team can:

  • Reduce time to deliver and release software to clients
  • Improve quality by testing earlier and more frequently
  • Pushing new versions of software under development to production is called .

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse is a leading DevOps and Continuous Delivery practitioner. We have implemented Continuous Delivery practices in most of our testing practices. This enables us to deliver on-time, high-quality user experiences as per market and customer needs. Our Continuous Delivery projects include all DevOps practices such as Shift-Left Testing, Unit Build Test, Automated Deployment and Service Virtualisation.

  • Testhouse has delivered Continuous Delivery projects for a number of clients across verticals and industries.

Continuous Delivery is combining DevOps practices with Test Automation processes to ensure rapid and continuous release of software updates to production. Software application updates are continuously pushed into production as soon as their build is validated and passes the test. The entire production setup is automated. Users will see changes on their software immediately as soon as the build is validated.

Continuous Testing is the process of continuously executing automated testing on releases at every step as part of the Continuous Deployment process. The aim of this is to ensure the ongoing quality of releases being pushed into production.

Automation Testing is very simply put, software testing software. Automation testing is the foundation and of all Continuous and DevOps processes to enable rapid release cycles. The better the Automation processes are, the better rapid software outputs will be. Read on to know more about our automation testing expertise.

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Continuous Delivery Philosophy at Testhouse

Rapidly Bring Application Improvements to Market Without Losing Control

Continuous Delivery helps organisations push rapid improvements in code to market as a result of automated testing while not compromising on control.

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