What IsDevOps?

DevOps is a very new philosophy and paradigm of software development that has taken the information technology world by storm in the recent years. DevOps advocates a development culture of continuous and constant automatic testing and monitoring during all steps and processes of the software development lifecycle to ensure faults and bottlenecks are realised and fixed as soon as they arise. The ultimate aim of DevOps is to ensure faster releases at increased frequency.

  • “DevOps” is a clipped compound term of ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’.
  • DevOps intends to blur the boundaries between functions in the SDLC
  • DevOps is cultural paradigm that involves changes in how teams think and work together to efficiently create better software.
  • DevOps becomes especially important for software testing companies as it advocates integration of testing into the development process itself.

D365 Automation testing

Our DevOps Services

Testhouse is a thought leader and a leading DevOps practitioner. We have built DevOps philosophies into most of our software testing practices and quality assurance practices. By using Testhouse’s experience and expertise in DevOps principles and processes, businesses can enhance the quality of software products and bring them to market quicker and gain a vital competitive advantage. We have expanded our DevOps practices to include specialised products and deliverables.

  • Testhouse’s DevOps practices have been recognised by Microsoft who have certified us a Gold partner for DevOps.
  • We employ Agile testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Development, Continuous Testing and Continuous Deployment.
  • We have combined DevOps practices with Microsoft solutions to launch unique, branded services for Dynamics 365, Azure and Xamarin that can help customers to significantly improve their delivery practises
  • We deploy and utilise DevOps practices as per requirement for testing projects and according to customer requests and requirements.

Our DevOps Services

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Continuous Integration & Delivery

Testhouse's Continuous Delivery processes ensure on-time, high-quality user experiences as per market and customer needs while retaining control of releases pushed into production

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Continuous Deployment

Attain the ultimate in testing automation. Combine DevOps practices with Test Automation processes to ensure rapid, continuous and real-time release of software updates to production.

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Continuous Testing

Ensure the ongoing quality of releases being pushed into production by continuously executing automated testing on releases at every step as part of the Continuous Deployment process.

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Bring a DevOps approach to Dynamics assurance to optimise and enhance quality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 installations through the enabling of customised frequent builds, deployment and testing.

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Utilise the advantages of DevOps practices to enjoy fast and easy testing of applications using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) on the Cloud.

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Utilise the advantages of the Visual Studio Mobile Centre IDE that comes with your Visual Studio subscription to develop, test and deploy applications faster and seamlessly on the Cloud.

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Testhouse is a Leader DevOps Practitioner

DevOps is a New Age Software Development Paradigm Enabling Faster and More Efficient Software Delivery

Testhouse inculcates DevOps and Continuous Development paradigms in our testing processes to deliver high quality software faster and with increased frequency helping clients to surprise their customers with superior, flawless user experiences.