Mobile Testing

The evolution and proliferation of the smartphone have created far-reaching impacts on human civilization, unlike any other technology in history. The mobile phone is not just a communication device. It has put computing power into the hands of every person and drives thought, commerce, and culture in the modern world.

Ensuring that applications on mobile devices work flawlessly is now a basic existential requirement for organizations. In this scenario, mobile applications must be continuously upgraded and tested for even minute problems affecting functionality, performance, etc. This is where mobile testing is indispensable.

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Mobile Functional Testing

In the competitive world of mobile application development, it’s often difficult to differentiate your offering from the competition. Customer feedback and ratings on application marketplaces depend on quality, responsiveness, clarity of design, and most importantly, ease of use and navigation. Adverse ratings affect the sales and acceptability of the application. An overly complicated interface or an abrupt programme exit can have a significant impact on revenues and reputation (in the case of enterprises). Functional correctness should be thoroughly verified prior to publication. Testhouse has successfully undertaken the testing of a number of mobile applications spanning different sectors and technologies. Our experienced mobile testers leverage our well-equipped test labs to provide you with rapid feedback on application quality. Please get in touch with us to ensure your mobile application exceeds customer expectations.

Mobile Test Automation

The proliferation of mobile devices and emerging technologies is presenting major challenges to testing automation. Enterprise mobile applications are getting more complex in terms of functionality. Faster releases at better quality have become the norm. Manual testing alone will not achieve product or project quality goals unless significantly supplemented by test automation. Application behaviour on different platforms varies and is limited by the features offered by the underlying operating system. This presents a significant challenge to test automation. Fortunately, mobile test automation tools have evolved, and the possibility of recording business functionality on one platform that can then be replayed on multiple platforms is a reality. Testhouse can leverage established partnerships with leading mobile automation tool vendors such as Experitest, HP, and IBM. Irrespective of the type of mobile application, Testhouse consultants can assist you with the right automation strategy and tools.

Device Compatibility Testing

With the increasingly growing numbers of mobile devices and the varying software that each of them carries, it is essential that your application is compatible with as many devices as possible. Defects undetected on emulators and simulators can be easily identified on real devices. New devices are constantly being brought to market with different versions of the operating systems. Testhouse has invested heavily in our mobile test lab to ensure that we are able to test on all popular mobile devices and operating systems that are required by our clientele. We have supplier arrangements with major telecom providers to obtain devices with specific firmware installed by the main mobile network operators. You can rest assured that all mainstream handsets and tablets are covered and that your application will meet end-user expectations for quality.