Managed Testing Services
Testhouse is an established company that has provided software testing solutions for over 15 years building a reputation for quality and reliability. Using Testhouse to provide your managed testing services will free you to focus your organisation’s time and skills on running the business, while we ensure that you meet the product quality standards required.
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Key Benefits

Testhouse can draw on the skills of a wide range of experienced senior testing consultants and software testing experts and can match them to your specific needs. Our global delivery centres can provide round the clock working, and as a trusted partner with Microsoft, HP and others we can access state of the art test tools and solutions, which we can apply in the latest environments and the full range of platforms, from cloud based to the internet of things. We will always work closely with you and your staff to ensure we reach a shared understanding of the process, and the necessary knowledge and skills are effectively passed on to you. We can also provide a range of delivery methods and pricing models, to suit your particular situation. These combined benefits enable us to provide you with a highly flexible bespoke service, which will avoid the costs, time and risk involved in using your own staff, and add value to your programme quickly by improving the efficiency of your processes and thereby reducing cycle time, enabling your organisation to maintain product quality at reduced cost.

Blended Delivery Model

Testhouse is a global organisation and owns test facilities in the UK, India and the Middle East. This enables us to offer you a range of delivery models and identify together the one most suited to your particular situation. We can work onsite closely with your own staff, or provide remote testing, either onshore from our UK based labs or offshore from one of our service centres in the Middle East or India. We can also provide a blended delivery model, combining the advantages of both onshore and offshore models, if that will best meet your needs. You can choose from a variety of attractive costing models to meet your particular budget, based on output or risk and reward. Our track record and reputation has been founded on the extensive pool of consultants and experts that we have developed, sited across the globe, each with their own specialist skills and areas of knowledge, enabling us to provide what your project needs when you need it. This robust and flexible structure means we can work at times you need us to, bring in additional skills for specific tasks and provide a shadow support consultant, at no extra cost, to seamlessly join the project if a dedicated team member is not available. Each project is coordinated and managed by two key staff. A UK based Account Manager handles your high level queries and commercial discussions and a dedicated technical Project Manager, based in the UK or offshore, acts as your point of contact for technical issues.

Service Model

If you are looking for help to embed changes over a longer period, we offer a two to five year managed service plan, by the end of which your organisation and staff will have an effective long term framework and plan to undertake their own software testing. The foundation of our service model is ensuring that we have a shared understanding of the project aims, the tools and strategies we will use to achieve them, the resources available to do so, and the risks involved. We will then agree a project timescale and entry and exit criteria with you. During the initial 2 months ‘steady state’ stage, we will work together to review current testing processes and identify areas for improvement, then decide on a test strategy and the tools, resources and training required for it, and from this produce an implementation roadmap. Months two to nine form the ‘transition’ stage, during which the new testing changes are adopted, team training undertaken and key business processes automated. During this period the test strategy is kept under review, the delivery and commercial models are defined, and service levels and an exit strategy agreed with you. The ‘transformation’ stage lasts from nine months to the agreed end of the service plan. A continuous process of review and assessment of processes and quality outcomes takes place alongside the implementation of the automation framework. Longer term, the knowledge required is embedded in your organisation and the team structure refined to reflect your increased efficiency.