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Software quality assurance is a process that ensures applications perform in the manner and the method the way it was planned and is expected, working at the maximum efficiency providing superior user experience under all conditions and environments, across all channels, platforms and devices, no matter the domain, business or technology. Application quality is achieved through a variety of software testing processes to “test” if the application’s code conforms to specifications and how it will react under different environments. Changes can be made to the application of improve its performance and functionality as per feedback from these tests.

The following section explains in great detail what each type of software testing does and  contains in-depth, detailed encyclopaedic articles put together by our in-house software testing subject matter experts and practitioners.

Software Testing Explained

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Functional Testing

Functional Testing ensures software and applications work as they are intended to as per their specifications including SIT, UAT and other functionality specifications. Click below to read in detail.

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Performance Testing

Ensure top-notch user experience for your customers with our testing and Quality Assurance services of all digital banking services: Internet banking, Mobile banking, e-wallets/Digital wallets, IVR, OTP etc.

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Mobile Testing

Testhouse provides testing services all electronic payment systems for credit/debit cards, ATM, POS, QR-Code based systems, payment gateways, account transfers, mobile payments etc to ensure zero failures.

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Security Testing

Testhouse can provide you testing services to ensure changing regulatory norms are not the challenge they pose but instead ensure customer delight with minimal disruptions to organisational operations.

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Test Automation

Testhouse has a dedicated and highly specialised unit with expertise in providing Islamic banking quality assurance services. The team is well-versed in Islamic banking methodologies and terminologies.

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Managed Testing Services

Our AML solutions help banks to achieve highest levels of compliance and institute effective and efficient analysis and control mechanisms to proactively mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

Case Studies

Explore our case studies here to understand our expertise from close quarters.


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Testhouse's Expertise in the BFSI Sector

The Biggest Challenges in the Quality Assurance Industry are Faced in the BFSI Sector

Testhouse specialises providing Quality Assurance and Testing services in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector. No matter that the system, platform or channel, we can ensure your users will get the highest in user experience.