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The knowledge centre is designed to help visitors gain information and knowledge on matters related to testing and quality assurance. We showcase here the expertise we have gained though our 18+ years of expertise in the quality assurance industry. Presented are a number of related subjects in terms of technology, applications, achievements, through multiple channels. It contains blogs, case studies, articles, encyclopaedic content, videos, reports, e-books and even events. The knowledge centre showcases our expertise we gained over the years in a manner useful for anyone interested in how to streamline their business processes to help clients gain value in and reduce bottlenecks in their own business processes.

The knowledge centre is divided into three parts. They explain in meticulous detail what various software testing functions are, their sub-functions, what organisations stand to gain from utilising those services and how Testhouse’s expertise can help them gain it.

The Knowledge Sections

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Gain in-depth knowledge about the Testhouse expertise in the field of Quality Assurance and testing through an expansive showcase of case studies, brochures, videos, ebooks, events and more.

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Testing Explained

Enhance your knowledge! Gain in-depth knowledge about various basic software testing functions and Testhouse's expertise in them through these articles put together by our experts.

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The Testhouse Blogs

We present a variety of blogs written by experts on testing to even Testizens about their passions and what they like. Forget inanimate articles, our blogs give a personal touch that you will love!

Case Studies

Explore our case studies here to understand our expertise from close quarters.


Functional Test...

Case Studies, Functional Testing, Test Automation

Reduced Test Cycle duration by 85% and Increased Application Performance Efficiency Through...


Automated Testing of...

Airlines, Automated Testing, Transportation Industry

Automated Testing of Online Booking Service Using Microsoft Visual Studio Helps BMI Airlines...


DevOps Assessment for a...

DevOps, Functional Testing, Test Automation

The client makes home ownership and rental housing more accessible and affordable. ...

Testhouse's Expertise in the BFSI Sector

The Biggest Challenges in the Quality Assurance Industry are Faced in the BFSI Sector

Testhouse specialises providing Quality Assurance and Testing services in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector. No matter that the system, platform or channel, we can ensure your users will get the highest in user experience.