Transportation is one of the foundations of modern human civilization, driving businesses, economies, and countries. Most countries at the top of quality of life and prosperity indices often boast of fast, smooth, seamless, and highly efficient transportation solutions and systems for goods and people. Efficiency and quality of applications and services are the buzzwords of the industry, which is always on the lookout for just-in-time transportation solutions for passengers and freight.

  • Transportation solutions are more about application platforms today.
  • Transportation providers use highly iterative, fast, and scalable applications to ensure the best efficiency of their solutions and deliveries.
  • The quality of service provided by transportation providers is directly proportional to the quality of the applications (booking, logistics, etc.) they use.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse has tested and ensured the quality of many diverse types of applications used by transport operators and providers in all the markets in which we operate. Our QA portfolio in this sector includes a number of booking applications and platforms, logistics solutions, operations (tracking) solutions, etc. In addition, we have used continuous delivery and DevOps solutions to substantially increase the functional capabilities of our customers’ transportation solutions. Our clients include airlines, railway operators, logistics providers, etc.

  • We have conducted performance, automation, and functional testing of applications to allow scalability and, hence, increased efficiencies for transport operators.
  • We automated testing of booking software for a major airline, which helped them increase bookings and save 250 working person-days.
  • We conducted functional test automation (with DevOps capabilities) of solutions for a provider of back-end systems for travel operators.

Functional Testing ensures full functionality of your application and all parts of its against its intended specifications. We are especially adept and experienced at executing functional testing of applications in the energy sector to ensure overall efficiency of the system.

Performance testing ascertains and provides you with the critical knowledge of how various components of your application will perform in terms of response time, throughput, speed, scalability and stability under various conditions of load, stress and pressure.

Automated software testing (also called automation testing/test automation) is a process where software tests software. Predefined automation tools run the test suite and return reports on critical outcomes. All this happens with minimal human intervention. Know more about Automation Testing.

Case Studies

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