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The end customers of public sector organizations are usually the general public. In this way, private sector companies working with public sector organizations can deliver great benefits to the general public. One of the greatest public service revolutions of the digitalization wave in recent times has been the digitalization of public services. Private sector quality assurance organizations have made invaluable contributions in this regard.

  • Private QA service organizations can help government organizations improve the quality of their services, thereby drastically improving public services.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse considers it an honour to partner with public sector organisations. This gives us a chance to directly improve the quality the lives of the general public. Testhouse has undertaken a number of testing and quality assurance projects for public sector organisations across verticals in the UK, UAE and India.

  • Testhouse is a certified supplier to the British Government’s G-Cloud 8 marketplace.
  • One of Testhouse’s very first clients in the Middle East was a major administrative public sector organisation.
  • Testhouse has also introduced a number of government sector organisations to DevOps and continuous delivery.
  • Some areas where Testhouse has worked with Public Sector clients: Finance, IT, Administration, e-Commerce, Microsoft Services etc.

Functional Testing ensures full functionality of your application and all parts of its against its intended specifications. We are especially adept and experienced at executing functional testing of applications in the energy sector to ensure overall efficiency of the system.

Performance testing will ascertain and provide you with the critical knowledge of how various components of your application will perform in terms of response time, throughput, speed, scalability and stability under various conditions of load, stress and pressure.

Testhouse provides superior mobility testing services for all your applications on any platform. We conduct cutting-edge quality assurance and testing process, service or consultancy for your mobile application SDLC to ensure top quality of your application. Read on to know more!

Case Studies

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We Help Public Sector Organisations Improve Service Quality

Our QA solutions have made wide impact on how public services are percieved

Testhouse can help government services drastically improve the quality of their services, making the lives of the general public easier.