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Professional services Organizations are hugely diverse in the range of services that they deliver, from management consulting, accounting, and law to IT services and construction, as well as many other types of businesses. While their business focus may be very different, they share common attributes, typically being people-based businesses operating in competitive environments that must drive continuous improvement to be successful. This requires increasingly innovative and integrated solutions that connect their global talent and allow them to efficiently utilize collective knowledge and assets.

There is a clear opportunity for digital transformation to bring process efficiencies and better management of intellectual capital to drive growth in both wallet and market share. The challenge, however, is to achieve this while managing risk effectively in a sector where intellectual property and client data are heavily protected.

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Why Choose Us?

Testhouse understands these risks and is engaging at multiple levels within professional services organizations to help mitigate these factors while also supporting business change and agility. From engaging with senior IT leadership to help define quality management standards, reviewing testing and DevOps processes, and testing the core business systems on which they rely, We bring a depth of experience that can help drive transformation and bring quality to software delivery within your organization. Our work in the sector has included:

  • Definition of quality frameworks to help a leading law firm embed quality practices across their global team
  • De-risking Windows 10 upgrades for professional services firms through our App Compatibility service offering
  • Provision of functional, non-functional, and automation test services across countless projects in the industry
  • DevOps capability reviews and implementation of tooling and processes

Functional Testing ensures full functionality of your application and all parts of its against its intended specifications. We are especially adept and experienced at executing functional testing of applications in the energy sector to ensure overall efficiency of the system.

Performance testing ascertains and provides you with the critical knowledge of how various components of your application will perform in terms of response time, throughput, speed, scalability and stability under various conditions of load, stress and pressure.

Automated software testing (also called automation testing/test automation) is a process where software tests software. Predefined automation tools run the test suite and return reports on critical outcomes. All this happens with minimal human intervention. Know more about Automation Testing.

Testhouse provides superior mobility testing services for all your applications on any platform. We conduct cutting-edge quality assurance and testing process, service or consultancy for your mobile application SDLC to ensure top quality of your application. Read on to know more!

Case Studies

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Quality Assurance in Professional Services

Quality Assurance Services for Diverse Organisations Within Professional Services

Testhouse can provide quality assurance services for professional services organizations as diverse as law, accounting, consulting, construction, and so on to ensure premium levels of quality and user experience.