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Islamic Banking or Islamic Finance is a system of banking that follows Islamic laws. Islamic banking and financial services prohibit the collection of fees on the renting of money (called Riba), which would include all interest and speculative activity. In addition it prohibits banking on all activities not allowed under Islamic principles. Islamic banking hence works on a profit-and-loss sharing method (mudarabah, musharakah etc.), asset management systems (Murabahah, Musawamah, Salam, Istisna’a, Tawarruq), Bonds (Sukuk), Insurance (Takaful) etc.

  • Islamic Banking practices exist for almost all conventional banking practices
  • Rapid digitisation of Islamic Banking necessitates extensive QA processes
  • Quality assurance of Islamic Banking systems require specific knowledge of the terminologies and practices used in it
  • Experience is the biggest asset of a Islamic Banking QA partner

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Why Choose Us?

With more than a decade of experience in the field, Testhouse is one of the few global independent software testing & QA companies specialising in the testing and quality assurance of Islamic Banking applications. We have executed a large number of testing, migration, transformation, upgradation and other quality assurance projects for Islamic Banks across systems from core banking, digital banking, payments, etc. delivering superior user experience and satisfaction.

  • We are highly proficient in testing applications on all Islamic Banking systems such as iMAL, Ethix, Temenos T24, Finacle etc.
  • Pool of resources with experience and deep knowledge in Islamic banking systems and processes significantly reduces knowledge acquisition and test cycle times.

Case Studies

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Islamic Banking Assurance Services from Testhouse

Assure Quality of Islamic Banking Systems that Follow Principles Different from Conventional Banking

Testhouse provides all kinds of Quality Assurance and testing services for all Islamic banking solutions, from core banking testing to digital banking and migration, all strictly adhering to Islamic banking principles.

More BFSI Services

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Core Banking Services

We provide end-to-end testing, migration, upgradation, transformation etc. and all quality assurance services for all major core-banking systems currently in use across banks of any size.

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Digital Banking Services

Ensure top-notch user experience for your customers with our testing and Quality Assurance services of all digital banking services: Internet banking, Mobile banking, e-wallets/Digital wallets, IVR, OTP etc.

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Cards & Payments

Testhouse provides testing services all electronic payment systems for credit/debit cards, ATM, POS, QR-Code based systems, payment gateways, account transfers, mobile payments etc to ensure zero failures.