QA Services AcrossIndustries and Verticals

Software is the all-encompassing driving force of all businesses and industries today. This is true not just for highly technology-dependent business verticals like Banking and Transportation, but even for businesses operating in industry verticals not directly aligned to Information Technology functions in the traditional sense like energy and professional services. It is of utmost importance for the software being used to be of flawless quality to deliver the best user experience and touch-ad-go functionality and top-performance under all conditions. Any malfunctioning application can cause serious negative business repercussions no matter the industry.

In today’s world, quality of service delivery is of utmost importance for any organisation to meet their business objectives and ensure superior client satisfaction, no matter their functions or areas of expertise. This is where Testhouse can help you. We can assure applications work flawlessly, detect and prevent flaws in software before they even arise, reduce risk and bottlenecks, ensuring superior user experience and smooth functioning of organisations.

Major Industries Benfitting From Our QA Expertise

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Banking, Finance & Insurance

Testhouse offers an exhaustive suite of testing and QA services for all kinds of BFSI products and services for institutions of all sizes drawing on more than 18 years of expertise in the sector.

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Testhouse's expertise in the energy field ranges from testing critical systems to ensuring 100% uptime, functionality and performance of all systems at all times.

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Real Estate

Testhouse keeps clients in the dynamically changing and increasingly digitalised real estate industry happy through a number of digital quality assurance and testing services of digital properties

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Our QA portfolio in this efficiency-obsessed industry includes a number of booking applications and platforms, logistics solutions, operations (tracking) solutions, etc., many of them DevOps enabled.

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Public Sector

Testhouse considers it a honour to work work with public sector organisations as it gives us a chance to directly improve the quality the lives of the general public as a first touchpoint for them.

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Professional Services

Testhouse has helped drive transformation and bring quality flexibility to software delivery within all kinds of professional services organisations from accounting to law to medicine and more.

Case Studies

Explore our case studies here to understand our expertise from close quarters.


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