D365 Automated Testing

D365 Automated Testing

Stay ahead of the evergreen release cycle of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution by utilising a leading testing automation framework.

Automated Testing

Stay ahead of the evergreen release cycle of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution by utilizing a leading testing automation framework.

When frequently executing and repeating complex testing processes, which is a necessity for any Microsoft Dynamics 365 user, it will be hugely beneficial to introduce automation wherever possible.

Automated regression tests, for example, can prevent the need for employees to keep manually re-testing the same things over and over again while maintaining confidence that quality is still deeply embedded in the processes.

“Achieve a 92% increase in the speed of your regression testing with Testhouse quality assurance.”


For any business with Dynamics 365, a prominent challenge is that Microsoft releases new updates, deployed via the cloud, on a regular basis, and you have no choice but to accept these changes into your solution.

Whenever a new release occurs, your existing integration and customization of Dynamics 365 are at risk of new issues and potential failure and must be re-tested to ensure quality is maintained.

Their upgrades and updates will be released regularly, often without warning, and any changes you’ve made to the applications or any third-party systems they’re integrated with may no longer be compatible.


By automating your testing strategically, with a proven framework in place, you can save time and lower costs while allowing greater focus to be devoted to more important—or higher-risk—areas of the project.

Alternatively, an experienced partner with the appropriate expertise and necessary resources can manage, run, and maintain these automated tests for you, removing the challenge altogether so you can focus entirely on doing your own job.

Either way, test automation is an additional layer of confidence in the Dynamics 365 applications that are supporting your businesses.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Allow valuable resources to be put to use in more important and high-risk areas of the implementation.
  • Plug automated tests into your DevOps delivery pipeline and receive reports on the results as often as you require.
  • Significantly lower costs and accelerate delivery by removing repetition and reducing the number of manual tests.

At Testhouse, we’ve developed our very own Testing Automation Framework, which has been proven to reduce time spent on regression testing by as much as 70% for organisations we’ve worked with recently.

This automation framework is designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is proven to accelerate time to delivery while allowing you to follow a risk-based approach to testing that prioritises the most critical areas of your business. 

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