Microsoft Dynamics CRM & GP End-to-End Testing for a Global Software Company


Our client is a global software company based in New Jersey. Their products are used by thousands of companies worldwide, with over 12,000 deployments in 70 countries. 


As part of their business process and Customer service enhancement, they implemented the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales, Marketing and Customer service), SSO, Customer portals and Microsoft Dynamics GP.



With hundreds of manual test cases, the quality assurance process for the client’s Dynamics 365 CRM application was quickly becoming a challenge to maintain. The application was constantly growing (as new features were added) and the client had to find ways to reduce the testing time, increase the number of test cases and improve the overall system quality without introducing any additional testing time. The challenges include –

  • Several customisation and integrations to suit business needs that caused significant quality challenges
  • Application changes did not match the business demands
  • Limited knowledge of QA best practices
  • Limited test resources & lack of test assets leading to key business processes being untested
  • Constant acquisition of new organisations that required on-going changes to Dynamics CRM
  • Dynamics knowledge gap and limited Dynamics testing experience within the internal team


Working closely with the client, we worked on a personalised best approach and selected the open-source tool Selenium, which was combined with our in-house custom framework that allowed us to reduce the time to create and maintain scripts. We offered a free proof-of-concept (POC) to demonstrate the capability of our custom-built Selenium framework. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in Microsoft Dynamics helped us effectively create a complete automation suite. 


We combined various reusable functions with selenium automation tool to get the maximum benefits for our client. We developed special features that can be reused by any scripts, such as taking screenshots, connecting spreadsheet for data parameterization, maintaining object repository, creating automated reports and many more reusable functions specifically for Dynamics 365.

In a nutshell –

  • Created Test Plan & Strategy
  • Created manual test assets
  • Created automated test assets using Testhouse Dynamics 365 framework
  • Followed structured testing approach using a risk-based approach


Test development was completed, and a complete automation platform was delivered to our client in four months. Our client’s team members were trained on processes and execution methods. 


We helped the client to reduce the test execution time by 90% and added additional test cases without affecting the schedules. All test cycles were kept under control. The full test suite that previously required weeks of effort by more than four engineers were reduced to a tester with few hours of effort.


The average time to prepare a new automation test suite was also reduced to a few hours. An extensive library of keyword actions and reusable functions were created specifically for Dynamic 365 CRM, allowing even non-technical testers to create new test suites with no programming support. This approach enabled 90% of the tests to be automated.


Customer Benefits –


  1. Evergreen Readiness – We enabled preparedness for Evergreen using automated assets & procedures
  2. Coverage – Significant improvement in test coverage providing business confidence in application quality & consistency
  3. Efficiency – Increase in test efficiency through automation that improved speed of delivery
  4. Strategy – Our new test strategy brought structure and stability to quality
  5. Preparedness – Significant improvement in client’s ability to manage features & updates and ability to implement & react to change
Microsoft Dynamics CRM & GP End-to-End Testing for a Global Software Company

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