Case Study: Global software company specializing in Big Data and data integration software and services.

Case Study: Global software company specializing in Big Data and data integration software and services.​​


Our client is a leading software company based in New Jersey, specializing in Big Data, high speed sorting products, and data integration software and services, for Hadoop, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, and mainframe systems. The company’s products are used by thousands of companies worldwide, with over 12,000 deployments in 70 countries.
Our client provides enterprise software for companies to collect, integrate, sort, and distribute data. It offers big data products, such as DMX, a data integration tool to extract, transform, and load data. DMX-h to collect, prepare, blend, transform, and distribute data. Ironcluster, an Hadoop ETL app for Amazon customers and Ironstream to collect, transform, and securely forward mainframe logs. The company also provides sorting solutions comprising DMX Sort edition to move the same sort job between Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms.

As part of the business process and Customer service enhancement they have implemented the Microsoft Dynamics 365(Sales, Marketing and Customer service), SSO, Customer portals and Microsoft dynamics GP.


With hundreds of manual test cases, the quality assurance process for the Client’s Dynamics 365 CRM application was quickly becoming very challenging to maintain. The application was constantly growing (more features were added) and we had to find a way to reduce testing times, increase the amount of test cases and improve the system quality overall without introducing more additional testing time.


Along with the client, Testhouse decided that the best option was to follow the best approach and select open source tool Selenium combined with an in-house custom framework that allows us to reduce the time to create scripts and maintain the scripts. Client was provided with a free proof of concert (POC) to demonstrate the capability of our custom- built Selenium framework. Knowledge in Microsoft CRM, gained through past experience helped in effective creation of automation suite. We Combined various reusable functions with selenium automation tool in order to get the maximum benefits. Also developed special features that could be reused by all scripts such as take screenshots, connect with an excel for data parameterization, excel object repository, created automated reports and many reusable function especially for Dynamics CRM.


Test development was completed and a complete automation platform was delivered to our client in four months. Team members were trained on processes and execution methods. Also helped the Client to reduce the test execution time by 90%, added many additional test cases without affecting schedules and keep test cycles under control. The full test suite that previously required few weeks and two to four test engineers, can now be executed without any testers and run in few hours.

The average time to prepare a new automation test suite was reduced to few hours. An extensive library of keyword actions and reusable functions have been created especially for Dynamic 365 CRM, allowing even non-technical testers to create new test suites without programming support. This approach enabled 90% of tests to be automated.

Testhouse is a thought and market leader in Software Quality Management, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps, providing on-site, on-shore and off-shore test services, either on-demand or outsourced, including consulting, software testing solutions and training globally, focussing on traditional IT, mobile, cloud and internet of things platforms. The expertise of Testhouse’s 200 staff across four continents, our innovations, and strong global partners ecosystem, which includes Microsoft, IBM, and HP, provides the knowledge and solutions to fill the largest gap in the testing industry identified by business leaders: how to accelerate software delivery at optimal quality in the most cost-effective way to meet their business priorities and their clients’ needs. Please contact us to know more about how our offerings can help you better your business efficiencies.

Case Study: Global software company specializing in Big Data and data integration software and services.
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