Microsoft Dynamics 365 Test Automation for one of the UK’s leading housing associations


One of the UK’s largest housing associations chose to implement Dynamics 365 to manage their business. Due to the low QA bandwidth and inefficient test practices, they incurred significant delays and issues in production.  Due to the difficulty surrounding automation of Dynamics 365 and the complexity of the processes, Testhouse was onboarded to ensure Dynamics 365 quality and efficiency.


Cost and speed of delivery were key drivers for onboarding a D365 focused QA & Testing partner. Significant potential gains in efficiency were identified through implementing testing best practices. Regression Testing was extremely time and cost consuming, using Test Automation, both could be reduced significantly. QA was viewed as a major blocker to the speed of their delivery pipeline and a key requirement was for their regression suite to integrate to their CI/CD pipeline.


  • Lack of structured test process & test strategy
  • Manual testing of regression was proving time consuming and costly, often requiring non-test resources to support QA
  • Inefficient QA was a bottleneck to the delivery pipeline
  • 3rd party updates were difficult to accommodate with key functionality being affected
  • Lack of D365 QA experience and knowledge
  • Constantly increasing technical debt
  • Very complex business processes requiring significant application knowledge and proved too difficult to automate internally
  • Low test coverage with no structured approach and limited bandwidth leaving key functionality untested


  • Developed and implemented a Test Automation Strategy bespoke to D365
  • Implemented best practices for ALM & Test tools
  • Assessed existing test assets that were proving the most time consuming
  • Implemented Testhouse D365 Automation Framework
  • Utilised efficient test processes to maximise test coverage
  • Developed test automation scripts compatible with all major browsers, utilising Testhouse accelerators
  • Developed bespoke reports that were customisable for different levels of seniority
  • Integrated test automation as part of their CI/CD pipeline
  • Transferred test automation ownership internally through knowledge transfer and training sessions

Key Benefits

  • Up to 75% improvement in cycle times
  • Up to 85% improvement in test efficiency

Long-term Benefits 

  • Preparedness – significant improvement in the ability to manage features & updates and also the ability to implement & react to change
  • Coverage – substantial test coverage to provide business confidence in application quality
  • Efficiency – major increase in test efficiency through automation, exploratory testing & DevOps to improve speed of delivery
  • Costs – significant reduction to lifecycle and testing costs through efficient practices and blended delivery models
  • On-time – a structured approach utilising automated processes and a risk-based testing approach resulted in on-time delivery & reduced delays





Microsoft Dynamics 365 Test Automation for one of the UK’s leading housing associations
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