For your business to succeed with
Microsoft Dynamics 365

You Must

• Minimize the risk of failures
• Maximize your return on investment

Quality Assurance is the key

We remove the pain of testing
and maintaining your Microsoft
Dynamics/ D365 platform

• 90% reduction in production issues
• 75% improvement in change efficiency
• 70% increase in product efficiency

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If your business relies on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the cost of overlooking quality can be catastrophic in the form of monetary and reputational damage. Testhouse helps remove those risks so your business can operate with total confidence, giving you the best chance of achieving your desired return on investment.

You have a great product from Microsoft, and your implementation partner may have done a good job customising and configuring it to suit your business requirements, but the on-going testing and quality needs of your D365 system must be built into the product lifecycle to guarantee continued satisfaction and business confidence.

QA at a Glance

Dynamics 365 is a complex suite of applications, with frequent updates requiring continuous verification of thousands of business-critical processes. By implementing Dynamics 365, your resulting challenges may include:

  • Maintaining configuration and customisation of the system
  • Integration with internal applications and other enterprise software (such as SharePoint and Office 365)
  • Migrations from other CRM and/or ERP systems (such as Salesforce, Siebel, and SAP) or regular updates issues by Microsoft.

These concerns can make deployment and testing a complicated affair, necessitating processes that are reliable and easily repeatable. This is where quality assurance comes in.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We help businesses like yours realise the full power of Microsoft D365 by supporting you to prioritise risk reduction and embrace the crucial practice of quality assurance.

At Testhouse, we see it as our responsibility to provide education on the importance of software quality at the heart of any technology implementation, to minimise the impact on your business and allow you to harness the true power of change and innovation.

It’s crucial to understand that testing Microsoft Dynamics 365 cannot be treated like any other software implementation or deployment.

When implementing D365, the projects are highly complex, often on a very large scale, with thousands – if not millions – of dollars on the line. More importantly, there are countless moving parts and variables which make testing such a platform a significant challenge, even for specialists.

Despite this, quality is still often overlooked, and a significant number of businesses are still implementing Microsoft D365 without the right expertise, knowledge, or testing best practices in place.

This is something we’re working hard to change, for the benefit of the global business landscape.

Overcoming D365 Challenges

You’ll invariably encounter several challenges when approaching your own Microsoft Dynamics 365 project:

  • Difficulty with configuration and customization
  • Issues with integrating D365 with other apps and systems
  • User adoption and poor user experience
  • Data migration from other platforms
  • Performance and security issues
  • On-going testing and maintenance
  • Managing new releases and updates from Microsoft
  • A lack of knowledge or skills for sufficient testing

Without the right partner to guide you through the complex processes of D365 testing and quality assurance, your implementation becomes far more to exceed its deadline and its budget.

The system may be able to go into production but damaging errors will inevitably arise and prove even more costly down the line.

If any of these challenges are currently holding you back, let us help you overcome them to realise the full potential of your technology with a seamless Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation built on quality.

Your project will have a strict budget and a pressing deadline, which means it’s impossible to test every single scenario.

At Testhouse, we take a risk-based approach to Dynamics 365 projects, supporting you with the most efficient and cost-effective quality assurance strategy in the current enterprise technology landscape.

This means that we carefully assess the unique requirements and specifications of your business and impart our quality measures based on the probability and potential impact of failure.

The greatest risks and the most critical areas of your business are prioritised and negated first, with our expertise allowing us to be aware of the least likely areas for bugs and other issues to arise.

You’ll quickly see the value of experience and strategic thinking when it comes to QA, as this proven approach will ensure your Microsoft Dynamics 365 project is delivered on time and within budget, with minimum impact on your business.

Removing Risks

Without proper D365 testing and quality assurance, faults or bugs that are allowed to go into production can put a number of critical business functions, processes, or workflows at risk, with potentially devastating results:

  • Unplanned downtime in business-critical processes
  • Employees unable to complete their work as required
  • Customers unable to access services or communication channels
  • Sales and other transactions unable to be processed
  • Loss or damage of sensitive data
  • Reputational damage and loss of brand integrity

When one single failure could result in hundreds of hours of productivity lost, thousands of customer complaint emails or even opportunities for millions of dollars’ worth of revenue are lost, it becomes inexcusable to ignore the importance of quality assurance.

If these concerns are preventing you from going ahead with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 project, let us demonstrate how the right approach can remove risks and maximize your return on investment.D


Testhouse is the world-leading pure-play testing company specializing in testing and quality assurance for Microsoft Dynamics 365.
We provide expert guidance and a finely tuned methodology to ensure every implementation we’re involved with is a success.
Our expertise in removing the challenges of D365 software testing allow you to focus entirely on doing your job well and getting your business operating at its full potential.

Established in the year 2000, we are headquartered in London, with offices in the USA, Dubai, and India, serving as the preferred quality and testing partner for leading Fortune 500 companies across the world.

We’ve invested countless hours training and certifying our talented consultants in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialty.

This gives us you the luxury of calling on the largest pool of quality assurance professionals with dedicated Dynamics 365 expertise in the world.

We take care of your challenges so you can focus on reaping the benefits, using Dynamics 365 to run your business with absolute confidence, without worrying about the risk of failure.

Awards & Recognition


Our Certification


Not convinced? Hear from our wider community

Testhouse has been quick in identifying the root cause of the gaps in the existing test automation suite and made a quick turn-around in the project by bringing up the pass rate substantially.

Julius Amaning

Global QA Manager – IWG

“We engaged Testhouse as our Testing Partner on our largest multi-year Digital Transformation Programme. Testhouse’s deep experience in testing coupled with expert knowledge in Microsoft D365 made them a natural Testing Partner of choice”

Steve Williams

CRM Business Head (NFU Mutual)

“We have had some great feedback from our customers regarding the levels of expertise and professionalism that Testhouse have provided them with during their engagements. Having a partner that is as professional, productive, and customer-focused as Testhouse makes them a pleasure to work with, as we know they are in safe hands.”

David Bowen – Microsoft partner

Gold DevOps, Silver Cloud Platform, System Integrator Dynamics

Our People

100 +
Consultants certified in D365 and ISTQB
2700 +
275 +
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Years in business

Where to Start?

DevOps 4Dynamics 365 Maturity: 3-Day

Assess your IT organisation’s DevOps maturity and generate an improvement roadmap to ensure you can effectively manage the Application Lifecycle of your Enterprise software investment.

Test Maturity 4Dynamics: 10-Day

A 10-day engagement focusing on Test Maturity, evaluating test culture, practices, and processes highlighting key risks (long and short term) and recommended improvements (strategic and tactical).

Performance Testing 4Dynamics:5-Day Proof of Concept

Offering consistent and reliable services for your business-critical applications. Performance testing services help companies to evaluate the performance of components within a system.

Manual Testing Services4Dynamics: 3-Day Assessment

Proactively test, monitor, support, and enhance your Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment to ensure you are getting the best return from your technology investment.

Test Automation
4Dynamics: 5-Day Proof of

A deep engagement that leads to automation of one or potentially all of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central modules ensuring effective, high-quality implementations, upgrades, and updates.

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