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Transformed UX & Speed To Market For An Airline Company

Transformed UX & Speed To Market For An Airline Company

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At Testhouse, we aimed to streamline and improve the booking system through automation for a prominent airline company. The focus was on enhancing system reliability and efficiency, thereby ensuring a smoother booking process for customers. This automation led to significant benefits like reduced manual testing efforts and costs, providing a better overall experience.

UX Speed To Market For An Airline Company

Problem Statement

  • Time-Intensive Manual Testing Processes: The existing manual testing processes were time-intensive, leading to delays in the release cycles for the Internet booking engine.
  • Increased Testing Complexity: With the expansion of services to include hotels, cars, and flights, the complexity of testing significantly increased. This required a robust testing strategy to cover all possible scenarios.
  • Challenges with Third-Party Handling: The third-party handling of the booking engine posed challenges in terms of control and responsiveness. This hindered the client’s ability to make quick updates and improvements.


  • Automation of Regression Tests: Testhouse automated regression test scripts, significantly reducing the time spent on manual testing. This allowed for quicker releases and improved responsiveness to customer needs.
  • Introduction of New Release Technology: New release technology was introduced to facilitate the automation of test code generation. This innovation enabled quick and easy testing of user interface elements, ensuring the smooth functioning of the web application.
  • Complete Rewrite Using Visual Studio 2010: The site was completely rewritten using Visual Studio 2010, providing the client’s technical team with complete control over all elements of the website. This eliminated dependence on third-party vendors and streamlined the management of the booking engine.
  • Consistent Display for Users: Changes were implemented to ensure a consistent display for users, regardless of their chosen route. This allowed users to seamlessly select and pay for additional services like hotels and cars.


  • 2x Improvement in User Experience: User experience was significantly improved, leading to a more positive interaction with the booking engine.
  • Improved Navigation: Navigation within the booking engine became more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Accelerated Speed to Market: Quicker releases and improved responsiveness enabled the client to accelerate their speed to market, making updates and improvements more efficient.