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Transformed API Testing: Leading Financial Services Firm

Transformed API Testing: Leading Financial Services Firm

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For our client, a Leading Financial Services Organization, we focused on resolving challenges associated with testing complex APIs in their interconnected system. We broke down APIs into smaller units for effective testing, utilized specialized tools for automation and integrated the API tests with the CI/CD pipeline. These strategies led to a reduced regression test cycle time, early defect detection and zero-defect leakage, significantly enhancing the API testing efficiency for our client.

Problem Statement

  • Testing Complex APIs in a Large Interconnected System: Testing complex APIs within a vast interconnected system requires a deep understanding of the system’s architecture and its intricate dependencies.
  • Seamless Integration with Various Protocols, Data Formats, and Systems: Ensuring seamless integration with various protocols, data formats, and systems added complexity to API testing, making it crucial to validate compatibility across diverse components.
  • Limited Documentation for API Functionality: The limited documentation made it difficult for testers to comprehend API functionality and the expected data responses, resulting in a lack of clarity.
  • Testing APIs with Complex Data Dependencies: Testing APIs with intricate data dependencies requires meticulous management of test data to cover all possible scenarios effectively.


  • Decomposing Complex APIs for Simplified Testing: Complex APIs were broken down into smaller units, simplifying testing and enabling more thorough examination. Virtualized services were utilized to test 3rd Party services that were not available.
  • Specialized API Testing Tools and Automation: Specialized API testing tools were employed to automate and streamline the testing process, ensuring efficient validation of API functionality.
  • Comprehensive Test Data Generation: Comprehensive test data was created using data generators to cover all dependencies and scenarios, facilitating robust testing.
  • Integration with CI/CD Pipeline: The API tests were integrated with the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to provide faster feedback to the Development Team, enabling early defect detection.


  • Reduced Regression Test Cycle Time: The regression test cycle time was significantly reduced, enhancing the efficiency of the testing process.
  • Early Detection of Defects: Early detection of defects allowed for timely resolution, saving both time and resources.
  • Zero Defect Leakage: Achieved zero defect leakage, ensuring that defects were not passed on to subsequent stages of development or production.