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Testing For A Personal Insurance Company

Testing For A Personal Insurance Company

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Our client is a UAE-based insurance provider specializing in Health, Travel, and Car insurance offerings. Testhouse partnered with the insurance company to provide functional and non-functional testing services.

Testing Services For A Personal Insurance Company


  • Multiple deployments and code fixes impact the application performance in production
  • No defined process and structured schedule for Performance testing
  • Reporting time was higher which eventually increased the turnaround time with application owners’ sign-off
  • Low Regression Test Coverage and lack of traceability to critical business processes
  • High Dependency on Business SMEs for testing-related activities


  • Testhouse set up a hybrid testing team of 12 members for System, Integration, Performance/Volume, and Migration Testing.
  • Designed a Master Test Strategy and Testing Play to standardize testing across projects and programs.
  • Optimized Regression Test Packs and established a process for regression test case maintenance.
  • Utilized a JMeter-based performance framework to deliver real-time dashboards and detailed analytics for identifying performance bottlenecks.
  • Conducted discovery workshops and questionnaires to prioritize business workflows.
  • Employed the “Shift-left” approach to performance testing, identifying design and architectural faults early and reducing the total cost of quality.
  • Built a real-time bespoke dashboard integrated with the test management tool for regular program status updates.


  • Single Click Reporting
  • 95% Defect Acceptance Rates
  • 99.99% Availability of Application in Production
  • 99% Defect Containment to UAT and Production