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Testing Fuels Mobile Banking App Success

Testing Fuels Mobile Banking App Success

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Testhouse was approached to test automated services for a mobile banking app of a prominent Middle Eastern bank. The bank aimed to upgrade its mobile app to enhance capabilities and usability, facing challenges such as limited testing time due to development delays, manual regression testing and inadequate tool usage for test management. We optimized the regression test pack, prioritized test case automation and utilized our in-house automation framework, leading to a notable improvement in defect containment and user ratings.

Testing Fuels Mobile Banking App Success

Problem Statement

  • Mobile App Upgrade: The bank aimed to upgrade its mobile app to enhance its capabilities and usability.
  • Testing Time Constraints: Delays in development left limited time for testing-related activities.
  • Lengthy Test Cycles: The regression testing process was prolonged due to its manual nature.
  • Underutilization of Testing Tools: There was limited use of testing tools for managing test assets and defects.


  • Regression Test Optimization: Optimized the regression test pack and prioritized test cases for automation to streamline the testing process.
  • Automation of Critical Test Cases: Utilized the in-house automation framework, Frameium, to automate critical regression test cases, thereby reducing the test cycle time.
  • Automated Testing Dashboard: Implemented an Automated Testing Dashboard to provide stakeholders with insights into the testing status and progress.


  • High Defect Containment: Achieved 99% defect containment, significantly reducing the number of defects reaching production.
  • Increased App Ratings: Improved user satisfaction is reflected in a 4.5+ rating for the mobile app.
  • Substantial App Downloads: The enhanced app garnered over 100,000 downloads, indicating its popularity and acceptance.