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Testing Card Management System Migration

Testing Card Management System Migration

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In this case study we describe our efforts to assist a major Middle Eastern bank in migrating its card management system. The focus was on ensuring a seamless transition with minimal impact on customers and operations. Our approach included thorough testing strategies to identify and resolve potential issues, thereby ensuring a smooth and efficient migration process.

Testing Card Management System Migration

Problem Statement

The bank faced a significant challenge in migrating its existing Credit, Prepaid, and Corporate cards from the Vision PLUS processing system to the Tranzware processing system, which introduced new enhanced functionalities. This migration required substantial modifications to the bank’s card management and transaction processing systems. It also involved complex tasks such as data migration and comprehensive testing. Stringent project deadlines imposed a tight testing schedule, making it challenging to achieve comprehensive testing coverage. Additionally, the lack of existing documentation and reference test cases further complicated the testing process.


  • Hybrid Team Formation: Testhouse established a hybrid team consisting of four members, including Card Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Testing Specialists, to bring both domain expertise and testing proficiency to the project.
  • JIRA Configuration for Test Management: Configured and customized JIRA to effectively manage test cases and track defects throughout the testing process.
  • Discovery Workshops and Comprehensive Test Strategy: Conducted discovery workshops involving both business and IT teams to collaboratively formulate a comprehensive test strategy tailored to the migration project’s specific requirements.
  • Model-Based Testing Approach: Employed a model-based testing approach to derive test cases that covered end-to-end workflows, ensuring thorough testing of all critical processes.
  • Custom Data Comparison Utilities: Utilized custom utilities to facilitate data comparison between source and destination databases, ensuring data integrity during the migration.
  • Real-Time Dashboards: Created real-time dashboards to enhance transparency regarding the testing progress and status, enabling stakeholders to track the project’s advancement.


  • 100% Data Coverage: Achieved complete data coverage during the migration process, minimizing the risk of data discrepancies.
  • 98% Defect Acceptance: A high rate of defect acceptance indicated effective defect management and resolution processes.
  • Improved Documentation: Enhancements in documentation processes and the development of comprehensive test strategies improved overall project documentation and clarity.