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Testing and Certifying the Implementation of New Banking Systems for a Major Omani Bank

Testing and Certifying the Implementation of New Banking Systems for a Major Omani Bank

Automated Testing, Functional Testing, Test Automation


Our client is a 100% Omani owned commercial bank in the Sultanate of Oman and is the country’s premier financial institution, providing retail, corporate and government customers with a wide range of quality services.


  • Due to the risks involved in the implementation of their new banking systems, client wanted an independent party to certify the deliverables, minimise the risk and give the bank confidence in the newly adopted systems.
  • The project covered many different core-banking functionalities like Foreign Exchange, Money Markets, Securities Trading and Processing, Treasury, Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Derivatives, Import LC Issuance & Negotiations, Exposure management, Value at Risk calculations, which is achieved through QUARTZ (TCS) and Eximbills (Chinasystems).
  • Requirement for reducing the time and effort for implementing the system.
  • Methodology had to focus on a process-driven assessment of the functional gaps which needed to be resolved during the project.
  • Clients had a product focus rather than a services focus
  • Clients required consultants with a very critical combination of strong domain knowledge coupled with rich software testing experience.


  • Testhouse took responsibility for certifying the implementation of new Treasury, Investment, Trade Finance, ALM, Brokerage & Private Banking systems.
  • Two-weeks to study and analyse the current systems, as well as the proposed new systems.
  • Effective Test Strategy put in place. It detailed the testing objectives, the functionality, hardware and software requirements of the System Under Test, the testing approach, the risks, the roles and responsibilities, the quality control process and the schedule of work.
  • Complete System Integration Testing, which included planning, test preparation and execution, to ensure that new systems did not expose the business to problems and risks.
  • Certifying the testing carried out by the client in the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase to meet the Certification Requirement.


  • Our team effectively engaged with the client and successfully mitigated the integration risks within the provided time frame.
  • The client’s Certification Requirements were successfully met, thereby inspiring credibility and confidence amongst all relevant stakeholders.
  • The client successfully implemented the Integration of the new banking systems