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Test Automation Services For A Large Bank In UK

Test Automation Services For A Large Bank In UK

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Our customer is a large bank focused on customer empowerment, offers tailored financial solutions including savings and borrowing. Testhouse partnered with the bank to provide API Test Automation services.

Test Automation Services For A Large Bank In UK


  • Testing complex APIs within a vast, interconnected system demanded an in-depth knowledge of the system’s architecture and dependencies.
  • Achieving seamless integration among a variety of protocols, data formats, and systems introduced further intricacy to the API testing process.
  • The lack of comprehensive documentation complicated the testers’ ability to comprehend API functionalities and predict data responses.
  • Handling APIs with sophisticated data relationships necessitated meticulous organization and management of test data.


  • Collaborated closely with the development team to understand system dependencies and prepare comprehensive API documentation
  • Broke down complex APIs into smaller units for simplified and thorough testing and leveraged virtualized services to test 3rd Party services that were not available.
  • Utilized specialized API testing tools to automate and streamline the testing process.
  • Created comprehensive test data using data generators to cover all dependencies and scenarios
  • Integrated the API Tests with the CI/CD Pipeline to provide faster feedback to the Development Team

Key Benefits

  • The regression test cycle time is reduced to 80%
  • Early detection of defects to save testing cost
  • Near Zero Defect Leakage to production