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Slashed Costs & Enhanced Quality With Automated Excellence

Slashed Costs & Enhanced Quality With Automated Excellence

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Our client, one of the top banks in the Kuwait wanted to establish a Testing Center of Excellence (CoE). They faced challenges like fluctuating resource demands, dependency on SMEs for domain knowledge, low test case reuse, unstructured testing processes and minimal test automation. Our solutions included creating application guides, a reusable test design framework and automating regression testing, achieving 70% coverage. This resulted in less than 1% defect leakage, a 60% reduction in regression cycle time and a 30% reduction in test case design effort.

Slashed Costs Enhanced Quality With Automated Excellence


  • Resource Utilization Fluctuations: Difficulty in managing peaks and valleys in resource utilization based on release demands.
  • Dependence on SMEs: The testing team was overly dependent on Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for domain knowledge.
  • High Test Design Effort: Low levels of test case reuse resulted in a high test design effort.
  • Weak Testing Processes: Unstructured and weak testing processes led to increased production defect leakage.
  • Lengthy Regression Test Cycles: Elongated regression test cycles were caused by low levels of test automation.

Services Offered

  • Static Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Regression Testing
  • System Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • User Experience Testing


  • Development of Reference Guides: Created application reference guides and playbooks to reduce SME dependency for domain knowledge.
  • Reusable Test Design Framework: Implemented a framework to promote test case reuse, reducing design effort.
  • Regression Testing Automation: Designed a framework to automate regression testing for mobile/web technologies, achieving 70% regression coverage.
  • Integration with DevOps Pipeline: Integrated regression test packs with the DevOps pipeline for continuous feedback to developers on daily builds.



  • Reduced Defect Leakage: Achieved less than 1% defect leakage to UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and Production.
  • Faster Regression Cycle: Cut down the regression cycle time by 60%.
  • Increased Release Throughout: Improved the throughput of releases to production by 2x.
  • Reduced Test Case Design Effort: Decreased the overall test case design effort by 30%.