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RPA And Reusable For Streamlined Automation

RPA And Reusable For Streamlined Automation

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Testhouse helped a prominent Middle Eastern bank overcome challenges with insufficient automation across IT, business and testing operations. We implemented a unified solution involving a comprehensive feasibility analysis, tool selection, creation of an Automation POD Team and designing reusable automation components. This approach led to significant cost savings, reduction in both design effort and a dramatic decrease in end-to-end testing efforts.

RPA and Reusable Components for Streamlined Automation

Problem Statement

Our client, a prominent Middle Eastern bank, faced a significant challenge due to the insufficient level of automation across their IT, business, and testing operations. Recognizing the need to streamline and optimize their automation efforts, the client sought a unified solution. This solution was intended to encompass IT, process, and test automation, with the goal of harnessing cross-functional automation components to enhance efficiency and reduce both operational effort and licensing costs.


Tool Selection and Feasibility Analysis

  • Conducted a comprehensive feasibility analysis of various automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools.
  • Utilized a weighted scoring model to assess suitability.
  • Shortlisted UiPath as the preferred choice for IT, Process, and Test Automation requirements. 

Prioritization and Roadmap

  • Prioritized key applications and critical business processes for automation.
  • Developed a strategic roadmap outlining automation implementation for 24 critical end-to-end testing workflows.

Automation POD Team

  • Established an agile and versatile Automation POD Team.
  • Comprised of a dedicated RPA Architect, Automation Developers, and Functional Experts.
  • Combined technical expertise with business acumen to drive effective automation solutions.

Component Design for Efficiency

  • Designed reusable automation components.
  • Fostered cross-leverage of these components between Test and Process Automation groups.
  • Resulted in a significant reduction in test design efforts and improved efficiency.


  • 25% Cost Savings through Licensing Reduction: Achieved a 25% reduction in costs through optimizing licensing.
  • 30% Reduction in Bot Design Effort: Reduced the effort required for bot design by 30%.
  • 60% Reduction in the End-to-End Testing Efforts: Achieved a substantial 60% reduction in the efforts required for end-to-end testing, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.