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Remarkable Efficiency Gains In Automated Testing For An ISV

Remarkable Efficiency Gains In Automated Testing For An ISV

Automated Testing

Testhouse tackled the challenge of improving IP functionality testing for a US-based ISV provider of Dynamics 365. Our client was facing a lack of a structured QA process and an overreliance on manual testing, which delayed their product releases. To overcome this, Testhouse adopted an Agile testing strategy, created a detailed master test plan and integrated Microsoft Azure DevOps for ALM. We also increased our focus on test automation, resulting in zero defect leakage and a significant reduction in manual efforts for our client.

Remarkable Efficiency Gains In Automated Testing For An ISV

Problem Statement

  • Undefined QA Process: There was no defined QA process and no existing test cases for developed IP functionalities.
  • Lack of ALM Tools: No Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools were in place to define and manage the test process.
  • Manual Testing Delays: Relying on manual testing procedures led to prolonged test cycles and delayed product releases.
  • Desire for Automation: There was a need to implement a No Code/Low Code automation tool, like Virtuoso, for regression testing to reduce manual efforts in execution and maintenance.


Agile-based Testing Strategy: Formulated an Agile testing strategy, focusing on requirement-based user stories for IP functionalities.

  • Master Test Plan and Suite: Developed a master test plan and built a regression test suite, both manually in Azure DevOps (ADO) and automated in Virtuoso.
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps for ALM: Implemented Microsoft Azure DevOps as the ALM tool to manage test cases and defects, ensuring traceability.
  • Tailored Test Cases: Crafted test cases specific to IP High Tech Manufacturing functionalities, covering customized sales channels and production process flows.
  • Extensive Test Case Authoring and Automation: Authored over 200 end-to-end test cases and automated more than 70 test journeys in Virtuoso, focusing on functionalities integrated with modules like Sales and marketing, AR, AP, Production Control, Inventory Management, and Product Information Management.
  • Monitoring via ADO Dashboards: Configured dashboards in ADO to monitor sprint-wise progress and track test metrics.


  • Zero Defect Leakage: Achieved a 0% defect leakage rate.
  • Significant Reduction in Manual Effort: Reduced manual effort by 80%.
  • Increased Automation Coverage: Attained 35% automation coverage in testing.